Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Enjoying Life Now

I'm loving the weather today!! Sunny, clear skies, warm breeze - this is awesome. I used to work down off 360 near the bridge - which is a gorgeous area, and totally makes you wish you didn't have to work on days like today.

When I was working I used to go to a nearby park for lunch just to get away. At the end of my "lunch break", I was always so depressed to head back to work - mostly because I worked in a dark, windowless office in front of a computer all day. I wished I could just stay outside all day enjoying the weather. I told myself when I had babies, I would definitely be at the park with them, soaking up every second of the sunshine and good weather.

I envisioned picnics and playing in the grass. You know, the usual outdoor dream.

And then I actually had a baby. What can I say? Taking care of children is hard work. And can be exhausting work too. Sometimes even taking a shower can be a challenge. Let alone packing up baby, baby accessories, and a picnic!

And then baby gets older - and mobile!! Now there is no leisurely picnic, there is chasing baby down a grassy hill, keeping him away from streams and rivers, stopping him from picking up other people's trash...you get the idea.

And then you have two. This is where a third arm would come in handy. One kid is running one direction, the other is eating trash off the ground - while ants and dogs are invading your picnic...hehe.

Needless to say, it took a long time for me to get up the nerve to actually go on a picnic (alone) with the boys.

But last week, during another day of beauty (much like today),
I finally bit the bullet and just did it.

It was hard (especially when it was time to go - oh the insanity! Oh the crying and tantrums! No Go!). But, it was beautiful and magical too. And that makes it worth it.

I also got pictures to prove we did go, and we did survive - mostly (the only casualties were my purse, a book and the back stroller seat which got water dumped all over them in the chaos).

I encourage all mommies (new and old) to just do it. Whatever "it" is. Get rid of the excuses (no matter how valid) and just get out there and enjoy your babies!! Don't be like me and wait years to finally enjoy your dream, wishing you had gone a lot sooner.

Now I think back to Hayden's baby days and all that I missed because I was "too tired". Ugh, I wish I could go back and slap myself.

It's a beautiful day out there (in Austin anyway) - so go enjoy it!!

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