Monday, August 27, 2007

My Favorite Time of Year


1. Shopping with my Mom for new school clothes.
2. Organizing all my school supplies (the only time of year I was ever organized)
3. Getting all my text books for the year.
4. Freshman year on campus
5. Moving into the dorm for the first (and last) time
6. Football season
7. Marching Band
8. My first date with Mark - pizza with the saxes.
9. My first drink
10. My first party
11. Walking through the leaves on campus
12. Marching through the tunnel for the first time
13. Decorating our house for fall/halloween for the first time with Mark
14. Halloween parties
15. Halloween on sixth street
16. Baby shower

And now I've been bitten by the fall bug. I'm eagerly anticipating the change in the air, and they change in people. Little do we realize that our attitudes shift in a minute but distinct way. And that shift makes all the difference. I love the change the comes into my home. I love the smells and warm colors of fall.

Yes, Texas does have a more subtle change then most places, the temperatures do not drop, nor the leaves as they should, but it's still there.

And even if it's not, I'll make it there. I generally transform my environment into a fall wonderland of sorts. And I'm not shy about starting early. True, fall does not begin until the end of September, but in my mind the season begins as soon as school starts!

And that happened today!

So up go the fall leaf garlands. Out come the scarecrows, squash, and scented candles. Into the oven goes the pumpkin bread. Simmering in the pot is the cider. Fall has come into the Zavala house.

**Photo by Memotions

Friday, August 24, 2007

Martha Stewart Disaster Day

I do officially declare this Martha Stewart Disaster day. So, yesterday I was in the store and I saw these cute kits where you can sew you're own little baby book. All the pages are already printed, all you have to do is just sew the pages together with some batting, and voila! Yeah.

So 2 hours later, and I've given up for today. I have now sewn the pages together incorrectly TWICE, and have spent nearly an hour pulling out the stitches.

My mind was not made for following written directions. I neeeeeed pictures people. This whole "sew wrong side to right side, then right side to wrong side" talk just confuses me, obviously. So yes, I'm a sewing nightmare, my Grandma would be disappointed.

Sorry for the horrible lack of posting lately. I truly have been busy. And no, I'm not just saying that to sound cool or something. Like, "I'm oooooh, so busy". HA! Let's recap my last 7 days...

Saturday started with sorting 10,000 door hangers into piles of 200 with Merae. It ended with our new churches Charter service. Basically, we all sign a pretty piece of paper saying we're committed to the church, which then was put into a nice frame.

Sunday started at the crack of dawn, since our old church was spending part of their service time recognizing us (the new CrossRoads church) and we did a candle light ceremony. But HCBC (Hill Country Bible Church) likes to rehearse things, so we had to be there at 8:15 am. We did the ceremony for both services, so that wasn't over until 12. Then I rushed home to check on a sick baby (Mark stayed home with Hayden...such a good daddy). Then rushed over to River Oaks Elementary for our first unloading and setting up of the new church. Since we meet in an elementary school, we set up and tear down each Sunday. I worked on the nursery and assembling swings, bouncers, and exersaucers until 4, then we loaded it all back up. I then rushed back home to sick baby and tired daddy.

Monday was the first day of our Blitz week. I.e. letting the community in the area know about our new church with door hangers. Megan and I did that for 2 hours, then I came back home to get ready for Hayden's doctor's appointment. The doctor checked out his skin tag and informed us that to remove it would require surgery (scheduled for next Wednesday btw). Then since Hayden had some fluid in his ears, he wanted to do some auditory tests to check his hearing. Verdict: 9 month olds aren't interested in hearing tests. Ha. Monday night ended with me (and Hayden) going to the ministry leaders meeting. I'm not sure they appreciated the distraction he brought, but no one said anything. Hopefully, next time I can give Mark enough notice so he can watch him.

Tuesday was Hayden's 9 month checkup, all went well even though he was still a little sick. I went mall walking with a good friend and then Hayden and Samson (an adorable little one close to his age) played.

Wednesday was another Blitz day. That evening was community group (a bunch of friends getting together to hang out and talk about life, or maybe a book).

Thursday started with shopping. Our church wanted to do some gifts for the teachers of the school we meet in. Merae and I went to Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby, Sam's, and Walmart. Then I painted 30 road runners on clay pots. (School mascot) . When that was over, I went to play softball.

Hayden coughed all night, so I took him to the doctor this morning - he was fine. Then off to lunch with Jenny.

All in all, a busy week - no time for chatting, email, or blogging. Hopefully, I'll have more time next week!!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Enjoying the Good Life

Hello folks! Sorry my blogging has been sporadic lately, but it's true...I've been enjoying the good life.

New realization and freedoms this week, or really last week.

#1 I can enjoy my life

#2 I don't have to feel guilty about enjoying my life

I finally have what I've said I've always wanted. And somehow, I didn't think I could enjoy it. Our culture is always telling us that we aren't happy, can never be happy, and should always be looking to acquire the next skill or possession. You can never have enough money, beauty, or love. You need to feel appreciated, valued, and affirmed. You need to be pampered, indulged, and desired. You need to be busy, fast-paced, and in demand.

You know what I say to that...BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I have been set FREE. I can finally breathe. I have no boss to impress or try to make like me. I have no need or desire to yearn for. I have no debt or possession to obsess over. Finally, I can make that old line truth...It's not having what you want, it's about wanting what you've got." And that's such a real truth. You will never acquire enough stuff to satisfy that monster inside, that needs MORE. So let the monster out.

I can't believe I was still caught in the american nightmare...being miserable and wishing for something more. So many of us are miserable. I'll stand up and be one of them. And even after I got what I wanted, I still told myself that I was miserable. Now I needed something else. This wasn't good enough either. Everyone else was miserable, I should be to.

BUT, oops, I'm not miserable. And I'm not going to tell myself that I am anymore. I'm going to enjoy this life that God has given me and put it to good use. I'll enjoy all that He has made and blessed me with, and not obsess over what He hasn't.

So although I can't afford dinners out and fancy techno-gadgets, I can have so much more. I can have gardens, walks, swimming, and music. I can have family, game nights, and enjoying great friends.

And that's what I wish for all of my friends. If you are out there and you call yourself my friend, or hell even aquaintance, know this: I hope you are blessed with this gift of freedom, freedom to live your lives without the yoke of obsessions. I am truly blessed to have met each and every one of you, and you are all so special to me. So unique and gifted, and I am proud to call you my friends.

Oooooh, and on a completely different track, I found some unique, strange, and wacky games that I'm dying to set up a game night for. I'm bringing back game nights!!!!

Lemme know who's interested!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Not Meant to Be

Well, although nothing is official, it looks like I will not be taking the job after all. The fisrt person I talked with yesterday really had me interested and seemed like they would be willing to work with me on my desire to work from home. But today I talked to a second person and got the complete opposite impression. Once again I remembered all the reasons I had for quitting in the first place (besides having a baby). So I politely sent an email informing him that the terms we discussed today wouldn't work for me and thank you, but no thanks. It was kind of like quitting all over again, except this time it wasn't because I was having a baby, but because I truly didn't want to work there under those conditions.

Crazy how you can swing from one end of the spectrum to the other in just 24 hours. But that's my life.

I'm Baaaaaack!

Sorry folks, I took a blogging vacation. Even bloggers need rest. But I'm sure I have lots of interesting news and insights to offer now that I'm back.

Let's see, first for some big news. There is a possibility I might go back to work part-time. I'm still working out the terms, but we'll see. I did love my job - yes, I'm sad to say. I liked the people and sense of accomplishment I felt when I worked. I liked always learning new things, and being good at my job. And let's just say it, I liked the money.
So, if I get my terms, this job will definitely be a nice addition to my life. My terms are that I work at least half of the hours at home and obviously there are salary requirements. But I think I've worked out the details of caring for Hayden. I believe we've settled on finding a nanny to stay at the house with Hayden. At this age, socialization isn't really a factor - so a daycare isn't what he needs. He needs one-on-one attention and someone to just love him for the few hours I'm way.

In exchange, I'll get a mental break from child rearing, enjoyment from my job, and a little extra money for Hayden. With more money, I could do some of the fun things we could never afford now - like swim classes, or Gymboree. Or get a jogging stroller so I could train for the half-marathon I want to do. We could eat dinner out once a week. We could give more. And most of all Mommy will be sane. Which is always important.

I talked to two Moms who are living the part-time work/Mom role and they love it. They love the outlet they get by working a little, but the freedom they have to spend time with their kids. And I agree.

So Mark and I decided, that if the terms were right, we'd try it out. If it didn't work, eh, no loss. At least we'd tried. But I really do think it will work.

Okay, so that's the interesting news. Now for some insights and revelations...hmmm...I have decided to train for a half-marathon. With this training I hope to get in better shape. One of my big clutter problems is all the clothes I have that don't fit. Sizes ranging from 4 to ...(ok we're not saying) So here's my new deal. I will train for this marathon. And whatever size my body is at after the marathon is it. I will throw away all clothes smaller. And that will be that. No more, "maybe one day I could fit into that" talk. If I train for and successfully do a half-marathon then I must be in some kind of good shape, and that will be my healthy body. All other unreasonable expectations should be tossed out the window (along with the clothes that go with them).

So with that, I say good day!