Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Enjoying the Good Life

Hello folks! Sorry my blogging has been sporadic lately, but it's true...I've been enjoying the good life.

New realization and freedoms this week, or really last week.

#1 I can enjoy my life

#2 I don't have to feel guilty about enjoying my life

I finally have what I've said I've always wanted. And somehow, I didn't think I could enjoy it. Our culture is always telling us that we aren't happy, can never be happy, and should always be looking to acquire the next skill or possession. You can never have enough money, beauty, or love. You need to feel appreciated, valued, and affirmed. You need to be pampered, indulged, and desired. You need to be busy, fast-paced, and in demand.

You know what I say to that...BLAH BLAH BLAH.

I have been set FREE. I can finally breathe. I have no boss to impress or try to make like me. I have no need or desire to yearn for. I have no debt or possession to obsess over. Finally, I can make that old line truth...It's not having what you want, it's about wanting what you've got." And that's such a real truth. You will never acquire enough stuff to satisfy that monster inside, that needs MORE. So let the monster out.

I can't believe I was still caught in the american nightmare...being miserable and wishing for something more. So many of us are miserable. I'll stand up and be one of them. And even after I got what I wanted, I still told myself that I was miserable. Now I needed something else. This wasn't good enough either. Everyone else was miserable, I should be to.

BUT, oops, I'm not miserable. And I'm not going to tell myself that I am anymore. I'm going to enjoy this life that God has given me and put it to good use. I'll enjoy all that He has made and blessed me with, and not obsess over what He hasn't.

So although I can't afford dinners out and fancy techno-gadgets, I can have so much more. I can have gardens, walks, swimming, and music. I can have family, game nights, and enjoying great friends.

And that's what I wish for all of my friends. If you are out there and you call yourself my friend, or hell even aquaintance, know this: I hope you are blessed with this gift of freedom, freedom to live your lives without the yoke of obsessions. I am truly blessed to have met each and every one of you, and you are all so special to me. So unique and gifted, and I am proud to call you my friends.

Oooooh, and on a completely different track, I found some unique, strange, and wacky games that I'm dying to set up a game night for. I'm bringing back game nights!!!!

Lemme know who's interested!!!


Mikey G said...

You are keeping it real, Mel! Right about all that ... just be happy. I hope to reach that realization too... but I feel somewhat incomplete... maybe it'll happen all in due time! Keep up the journal! - Uncle Mikey

Shelley said...

Bring on game night, honey!! I'm in. :) Thanks for speaking truth...more realization and appreciation, less striving and rushing. Muuuuwah!