Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Thursday

So after the rough start to the week, the past two nights have been much improved. Last night Corbin slept 3 hours at a time - which is a big improvement from the usual 2. Also, he didn't have any fussy times and always went back to bed. I have noticed however that 5 am seems to be his "wake time" as he doesn't want to go back to sleep for very long after that. Hmmm...

I was just reading on another friends blog that her baby just slept 10 hours!! Wow. Her baby is a month older, so obviously that's not going to happen for us yet. I just hope I can get Corbin eating enough full feedings that eventually he can get some solid sleep too! I'd be happy with a 5 or 6 hour stretch! That would rock.

I'm starting to see little pieces of Corbin's personality shining through. It's amazing. Hayden expressed himself when he was upset by having this big pouting lip stick out. He did it from about 1 month on. Corbin does this major frowning face!! It's adorable and so sad at the same time. Haha.

There are also other little differences. Like Hayden would curl his little toes all the time, Corbin has this long straight toes and rarely ever curls them. Hayden loved sleeping in his papasan infant seat (he did until about 3 months), Corbin loves sleeping on his side in the pack-n-play. I'm hoping his side sleeping will help with the flat head spot babies seem to get.

Things seem to be getting back to normal, the only part of our lives we haven't been able to resume yet is our nightly World of Warcraft gaming. I expect that we'll get back to that when Corbin is sleeping more predictable. Hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later. I miss gaming!! And all my buds online.

There's an outdoor play at Zilker tonight I'd love to go to with the munchkins - but I'm going to have to convince Mark it's doable first. It doesn't start until sundown, but it would be so amazing to go to. I hope he agrees - and that the munchkins cooperate if he does. I'm going to brainstorm ways to keep Hayden occupied! Oh and make sure we're well stocked on goldfish and other toddler crack.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taking the Day Off

So, as I mentioned, yesterday was a really hard day to get through. I had a killer headache that wouldn't go away and the hubby had to work late. But, once he did come home I laid down for a quick hour of sleep and that did the job! Headache was pretty much gone - or at least dulled.

Then I needed to GET OUT!!! So I begged for a quick walk around the neighborhood with the family. By this point it was already 8pm, and at the end of our walk we had two sleeping kiddos - yay! I almost wanted to keep walking, but hubby reminded me that if we did and the kiddos woke up it would be a crying disaster. Okay...good point.

Last night was a bit better. Corbin had his last feeding at 10pm, then again at 1am, and 4am. But then, for some reason, he decided he didn't want to go back to sleep. Bah! I have no idea what's going on with him. I hope he's not getting sick or anything. Good thing is he's already on antibiotics, so if he does have a non-viral bug we more than likely have it covered. If it's viral, there's nothing much they can do anyway. He felt a little warm yesterday and today, but it was only 99. I'm going to check him again once he gets up from his nap. (Yes, he finally took another nap at 9:30am).

As for me, I think I'm going to take the day off. Granted, that doesn't mean what it used to mean, say when I was working and had no kids. Today we are going to watch lots of TV and DVDs, eat junk and not do anything productive - I think. Usually once I give myself permission to relax, that alone makes me feel better and I end up doing tons of stuff anyway.

Usually, Hayden is begging me to turn the TV on, but today when I do, he's ignoring it and "reading" one of his books. What the heck? I can't win. I bet if the TV was off he'd be banging it with his hand and begging for the Cars DVD.

Oh and the race track we made was a big hit!! We ended up doing it on the carpet and I think I'm going to keep it up for another day or two!

Monday, July 28, 2008

No Rest For the Weary

It must be Monday because this day stinks!! Time for some whining!!

It all started at 1:47am when Corbin decided he was hungry. He then woke me up about every 45 minutes from that point until morning. Ugh.

Both kiddos decided naps were not for them today. I finally had both down around noon (a little early for Hayden but I needed sleep), and what do you know? Corbin starts crying at 12:30...bah! This gives me about 20 minutes to fall asleep and 10 minutes of sleep.

Hayden tore up his room out of boredom so I had to get him up and Corbin is snoozing to me on the couch. Grrrrr...

Momma needs sleep!!

Top all that with just a PB&J sandwich for lunch and you get a cranky, tired mom with a headache. Yay!

Is it 5pm yet? Where's my hubby?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Day

So we are slowly finding our way into a routine I think I can live with. Of course, with kids, nothing is set in stone. One week you're up at 7am, the next it's 6:30am.

Not that your interested, but since this is MY blog, I'll post what I please, hehe - here's our schedule:

Mornings usually start somewhere between 7:30am and 8am. I try to nurse Corbin first, since Hayden gets jealous if he doesn't get attention when he wakes up.

Once Corbin has finished eating, I head downstairs to heat up Hayden's milk and then go in to get Hayden (who by this time has probably been up for at least an hour and playing around in his bed). I do a quick diaper change while he drinks his milk from his sippy and then I pick out the clothes for the day. He usually runs out of the room before I can put any clothes on him.

By this point Corbin is usually tired of sitting alone in his infant seat, so I move him to the floor on his blanket for some tummy time. I throw on the CD player for some music - first his Old MacDonald CD, then Bob Marley of course. Hayden heads with me to the kitchen where I make his yogurt/rice cereal breakfast. All three of us then hang out in the living room, while I feed Hayden. Hayden likes to eat a bite, play with his toys, come back for another bite, etc. This usually goes on for about 15 minutes or so.

After breakfast we work on our "words for the week". Last week was animals so I pulled out all his animal toys and books. By the end of the week he knew a tiger says "grrr", a kitty cat says "meeeow", a cow says "moo", a sheep says "baa", and a duck says "quack". This week is all transportation - cars, trains, trucks, etc. Tonight Mark and I are going to try and make a race track on the tile with masking tape. I wanted to surprise Hayden with is very own race track for his "vroom vroom". His favorite movie right now is Cars.

When we finish, it's usually time for Corbin's nap, so I put him down. Then I finally make my bowl of cereal, tea and head outside for some fresh air with Hayden. While I eat and relax, Hayden plays on the porch and also eats at least half of my cereal, haha. Then he gets on the swing Mark put up for him and we swing for ten minutes or so - usually until I get bored. Then we head back inside. This week though, I'm going to squeeze in some gardening, our yard needs some work.

Hayden will generally play by himself while I do laundry, dishes, and any other cleaning tasks (ok let's not kid ourselves, I'm reading emails and blogs too - but I do a lot of that while nursing as well). Then I wake up Corbin to eat again. After Corbin finishes up it's usually time for Hayden to eat lunch. While he eats, I take time just for Corbin since Hayden is so demanding of my attention. Then it's more tummy time for Corbin while I clean Hayden up from lunch. Hayden gets to play for a few more minutes then it's nap time for both him and Corbin.

That's when I can do one of the following: 1.) Shower 2.) Eat Lunch 3.) Nap 4.) Clean 5.) Blog, read blogs, read email. Hmmmm, it's a difficult choice. Eating and blogging usually wins out.

This week I'm going to take that time to work on a project for Hayden (I'll post about it when I finish).

Then Corbin is ready to wake up and eat again. After this I play with him - finally giving him some solo Mommy time where I'm not distracted with Hayden, poor baby. Then he goes down for a nap around the time Hayden might be getting up. The afternoon usually goes one of two ways: 1.) Hayden actually does go down for a nap at 1pm and sleeps till 3pm. 2.) Hayden plays in his bed for an hour or so, then falls asleep and doesn't wake up until 4pm or 5pm depending on when he actually fell asleep. Silly boy! So at this point I'm either get a little more relaxation time or I go in and Hayden and I read books for 30 minutes or so. Generally the books are about whatever we're learning that week. Last week we read all about animals, Old MacDonald and the Peekaboo Penguins, etc.

After reading we do snack time! Corbin is getting up again and I feed him. More tummy time for Corbin, and Hayden and I do an activity - like the rice thing, play-doh, or beans I posted about earlier.

Then Corbin is back to napping and it's Hayden and I again. By this point, I'm usually fried and need some relaxation. I throw on the Cars DVD and head to the bathroom. I light a lavender candle and take a shower.

Once I get out it's usually time to start dinner and hope that Mark is on his way home...

And that's our day, what about you?

HA! Update...

So 5 minutes after I post that...Mark is still asleep on the floor and Hayden jumps on him, slaps his butt and says "Up!"

Ok, now that was funny!!

Daddy's Boy

I mentioned that Hayden is a Daddy's boy??

This is what happens if Daddy decides to take a nap on the floor:

And what's Mommy doing?

Laughing, of course! There are perks of not being the "favorite" - no stinky toddler butts in my face!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Today's post I'll tell with pictures...

This is Corbin - just chillin, minding his own business.

And this is Hayden - notice that he has his shoe off, and he's playing with it.

Hayden: "Hmm..I think I'll just inch a little closer to my Lil Bro'".

Corbin: "Hey, uh, watcha doin with that shoe Big Bro'?"

Hayden: "Mom won't mind if I just chuck this shoe at Lil Bro', I'd be doin her a favor, he makes too much noise anyway".

Corbin: "Whew! Good thing Big Bro' can't throw for shit or I'd be toast."

Mom: "Corbin!! Don't stay "shit" - that's a bad word! Say Poo!!!"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Beans Remix

So, after the obvious fun had with the dried beans, today we tried rice! I thought maybe Hayden might enjoy "practicing" with his spoon by moving spoonfuls of rice from one bowl to another.

And while Hayden humored me for a minute in this little activity, he soon found more interesting things to do with the rice - namely throwing it up in the air - wedding style!

He was laughing so hard and uncontrollably, I didn't have the heart to stop him. He's had such a rough time this past month, I figured he needed a good laugh!

As you can see he's having a great time!

Other new Hayden developments:

Mom: A cow says..
Hayden: Moo

Mom: A sheep says...
Hayden: Baa

Mom: A kitty cat says...
Hayden: Meeeeow

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Supervision Required

Here's what you get one you combine:

1 Frisky Toddler
1 bowl of dry beans
5 minutes alone

Yes, by the end of this playtime all the beans were on the floor. HA!

My toddler can find the messy or destructive properties of any activity.

Luckily, I own a broom.

And what was Corbin doing?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Peace is Possible

When I first brought Corbin home, I thought that - at least for a while - I'd never have a second of peace. I'd never have a moment of downtime, when the house was quiet and I could just breathe.

But, now, right now, at this very moment, my house is completely quiet. My husband, toddler, and baby are all asleep in their rooms. There is no whimpering, crying, or banging. There is only peace. Wow. Now, I know this peace won't go on forever, it may only last a few minutes - but it is possible.

Corbin is doing so well. My only worry is that he's such a sleepy head, I am constantly trying to get him to eat enough. Which, when breastfeeding, is hard to gauge. He's got plenty of wet and dirty diapers, so he's obviously doing fine, but my motherly hormones still make me over analyze.

We started a schedule on Friday and so far it's been wonderful. Corbin's nap times give me a chance to give Hayden one-on-one time and gives Hayden a break from Corbin's presence. Having Corbin now sleep in his own bed has been wonderful too. For the first three weeks, while we had company in the room Corbin is now sleeping in, I had him with me. He basically slept on my chest while I "tried" to sleep. Not the greatest option. I'm so happy he's now able to sleep on his own. We were creating a baby that needed to be held constantly those first few weeks. And I mean constantly. I'm all for holding and loving on my little one, but a girl has to shower and go to the bathroom sometime. So he has gotten over that, thank goodness.

Knowing that I have a whole hour and a half where both kids are sleeping in the afternoon is wonderful!! So far I've been using that time to take a nap myself. However, I'm sure that will become my "productive" time when I catch up on my sleep.

Corbin is sleeping at 2 hour stretches at night, waking only to eat and then going back to sleep. I'm enjoying the bits of sleep I get in between. Maybe in the next month we can get that to 3 hour stretches! This time around I'm more laid back and realistic in my expectations of sleep or rather no sleep.

On the body front I'm still bleeding a bit, bleh - so no exercise/sex yet. Bah! I have been doing daily walks though. But I can't wait to actually work out. I so want to get out of these maternity/big clothes and into some pants with a zipper. I'm sick of elastic. HAHA! It's amazing how you get used to elastic. I remember after Hayden was born and I was able to wear my first pair of pants with a zipper - when I went to use the restroom, without thinking, I started tugging on my jeans without undoing the zipper! Haha. I was so used to never having to do buttons/zippers. Needless to say, the jeans did not give. So I'll have to do that all over again.

I have 20 lbs to get to my pre-Corbin weight. I'll probably keep y'all posted on this blog on how that's going. First though, I need to stop eating out so much. That will all stop this week though. Our last "catered" meal from our friends was yesterday, so I must start cooking again and go grocery shopping. We've spent more than I'd like to think about on food this past month - ugh. Too many dinners out.

Hayden has been doing better, but it's still difficult. He seemed to do well though on Friday when it was just me, him and Corbin. This week he'll get to spend 2 days of the week at some of my friends houses in the mornings. This will be awesome for me! Give me a chance to take care of Corbin and maybe even get a nap or two.

Well I've managed to get through a whole blog post without nursing a baby, scolding a toddler, or answering a phone so I better end this on a good note!

Friday, July 18, 2008

All Gone

The last of my company just left, and I breathe a sigh of relief. What's hilarious is that my mother-in-law's month visit was a complete breeze and my mother's four day visit was a nightmare as usual.

As is typical, she got pissed the day before they were to leave and pouted the rest of the time. And what was she pissed about you ask?

Yesterday we had planned on meeting Mark for dinner at 5:30. Hayden is always a bit grumpy when you wake him up from his nap instead of letting him wake up naturally. So, when I went in there at 5, he was still snoozing. And, of course, he was a grump waking up. When I started to change Corbin's diaper, Hayden had a complete meltdown. He did not want me paying attention to Corbin, he wanted to be held. So he started screaming and crying. I left him with my Mom and went to change Corbin's diaper. Corbin, by this point, is also crying. You can imagine the noise. My Mom then brings Hayden into our room where I'm changing Corbin. Hayden starts crying louder, so I tell her, "That's making it worse.". I even managed a calm tone when saying it too - I was very proud of myself that I didn't snap and go crazy with all the screaming in my ears.

Well I guess that ruffled her feathers because next thing I know she's set Hayden down and went to the bathroom for a second. She spends the rest of the night barely talking to anyone, and hardly gives Hayden the time of day. Even today when they left she wasn't even going to say goodbye to Hayden, but he ran to the door and said "Bye-Bye", so he got a brief bye.

Now, she can treat me like shit all she wants, but to take it out on my kid? That's just childish. He's a baby. YES A BABY. He's only freakin 20 months old. In the car on the way home, she was sitting next to his car seat and I guess he reached over and smacked her arm, which we've been working on getting him not to "hit". Now, his hits are not painful, he's a damn 20 month old. She turns around and yells at him in a nasty voice. I wanted to smack her, but I was driving.

I should have said something, but I didn't. I'm ashamed of that. I let her be nasty to my kid and I didn't say anything. I know he's a handful right now, his whole world has been turned upside down and he doesn't know how to deal with all these emotions he's feeling. But to her he's just a brat. Whatever.

She's from the school of spanking, which I wasn't necessarily against, but hello, he's a little young for that. Mark and I actually found that "spanking" actually increased his hitting behavior, so we don't. I much prefer redirection at this age, which takes more effort and patience, but works. For all her "spanking" while she was here, his behavior showed no improvements, and he just got worse actually. Her spanking and yelling had the opposite effect on him. **Disclaimer: Her spankings weren't hard or anything for those of you worried about that.** I let her try "her way" just to see if it did work, and I found it didn't. So that's that.

She also seemed to get upset anytime I didn't agree with her, so I'm sure that last "incident" was just the icing on the cake for her. She always has a long list of "injustices". We got to talking about Mark's health right before that and she made a statement that I felt was incorrect, so I corrected her. She was saying that Mark was "self-diagnosing" his MS, which I corrected and said "No, he has a neurologist, it's just that diagnosing MS is difficult, it's not an absolute." Then she started misquoting things I had said to her years ago when we started this MS journey. And well, that was the beginning of the pouting really.

I pray every day that God helps me not to turn into a mother like her. I'm so scared I'm going to screw up this motherhood thing. I was reading a blog the other day and the philosophy the mom had really spoke to me. I'm not trying to raise good kids, I'm trying to prepare my kids for being an adult and living in this world. I want my kids to know what's truly important in this world. I want my kids to know God. I want them to know love. I want them to know how to love. My last priority is to have kids who never scream/yell, embarrass me in public, etc. My job is not to "look" like a good parent, it's to be a good parent.

I've gone through a few periods of not having my Mom in my life. I often consider going back to that, but I don't want to have bitterness in my heart. My Mom is very bitter. She doesn't let go of things easily. She's still talking about things that happened 40 years ago. Whatever my Mom has done to me, I've "packed up" and put it away in my mind, I don't dwell on it. What's done is done. But this relationship is unhealthy. We both seem to be miserable. If it wasn't for my Dad, I'd probably have kept her away until she understood what she was doing. Which might be never.

Poor Mark is sick of this sad story, it's the same one that's been playing our whole marriage and my whole life. But I'm an only child, and she's the only family I have. She's my mother. I forgive her and continue to forgive her, maybe I'll always forgive her. I guess everyone has had an unhealthy person in their life that they just can't let go and she's mine.

And it's not love that keeps me coming back, it's this sick need for her approval. Argh! Why can't I just let go of that? Why is that so important to me?

Well four days with her has managed to spiral me into a really down mood. Mark says to not worry about it, but that's easier said than done. Hopefully we have a good weekend.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Exhausted but still happy..

Despite the crappy sleep that goes along with newborns, I am soooo happy not to be pregnant anymore. The physical exhaustion that accompanies pregnancy is worse than any sleepless night with a baby. I feel ALIVE again. It's strange to think that you were in a fog for the last 9 months or uh, 10 - but it's true. I suddenly feel awake and energized.

Corbin slept fairly well last night, but of course I held him all night. We slept on the couch, him laying cozily on my chest. He was super fussy from the circumcision and nothing could calm him but Mommy. We will start the sleep training soon, now that he's eating well and gaining weight.

I had my 2 week postpartum checkup yesterday - all was well. The midwife said I could start exercising AND have sex as soon as the bleeding stopped. Woohoo! I'm thinking that will be sometime next week. I really need to get my fat butt on a treadmill. So far I've lost 26 lbs of the baby weight, but still have about 23 lbs to go to get to pre-preggo weight. And that's not even an ideal weight, HA! Oh well.

Corbin is staying awake more in the day! Which is awesome. Hopefully, that translates into better night sleep. I'm sure time is going to fly by and soon my little guy will be running around here with his brother.

Friday is "Summer Party" a carnival put on by our church. I just volunteered to do the Lollipop tree! We'll see if Corbin cooperates with that plan. I'm putting my Ergo baby carrier to work! I love this carrier - it doesn't hurt my back at all, which was a big problem with the Baby Bjorn. I hope it's not very hot though, these 100 degree days are killer. This week has been much cooler though, low 90s. Mark will be in charge of Hayden, maybe he's old enough to play some of the games now. I'm so excited that he's able to do more things now! I love watching him learn new things and play.

In other less fun news, after my second baby, I'm beginning to see the point of control top panty hose, HA! Man, my body is wrecked! Between the stretch marks and the saggy skin, I'm in desperate need of a mommy makeover. But I had the same issues after Hayden and I found that the stretch marks faded and the skin toned back up a bit with exercise, so I just have to be patient and leave the donuts alone!

Okay, the two kids are both down for naps (for now), so I'm gonna grab some tea and have 2 minutes of Mommy time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Okay, the first part of this post will be done in the two minutes before I need to leave for the next appointment!

This morning was Corbin's circumcision. Ouchie! He's doing pretty well considering. Right now he's snoozing. In a second, I'll have to put him in the car seat, which of course will piss him off.

Things have been crazy busy here. Thanks to all my friends, again, for cooking for us. Some folks are under the mistaken impression that my mom-in-law cooks. Although she does EVERYTHING else, cooking is not one of those things. So the food is MUCH appreciated!! Thanks.

Okay, it's 5 hours later...haha...dang these posts take a long time to write. I have to steal my sleeptime to finish them. Right now BOTH kiddos are snoozing (knock on wood) and I have a free second to eat, go to the bathroom, check email and blog. Corbin has been "snacking" all day, and now he's making weasel noises - which means my blogging time might be coming to an end. He's such a faker though - as soon as I put down what I'm doing the little critter falls back to sleep - BAH!

He's almost back to his birth weight. Today he weighed in at 8 lbs 2.5 ounces - only .5 to go!

Hayden seems to be doing better, he even "pet" his brother today - he stroked his hair and nose. Of course, I was standing by in case the gentle pet became an all-out smack down. Cause with Hayden, ya never know. He's getting so smart these days - I've been impressed with his ability to put Legos together (a skill he didn't have previously). And he has a new word!! Kikky Caw...which of course is Kitty Cat.

Mark and I have also resorted to spelling out words. M-I-L-K being one of them, because if Hayden hears this word around bedtime he flips out and runs to the kitchen impatiently waiting for his warm milk. Being the lazy buggers we are, M-I-L-K soon became M-L-K, which then became Martin Luther or Dr. King, haha. So yeah, Dr. King means milk in the Zavala household. Let him figure that one out!

Having two kids is kind of like running a circus. I dared to take a shower yesterday and our household had a meltdown. While I was luxuriously washing my hair, both kids were crying, the doorbell was ringing, and so was the phone. Mark had his hands full to say the least. It makes me laugh, HAHA, although don't tell Mark. Oops, he reads my blog.

I did get wonderful sleep last night. Okay, not pre-kid wonderful, but definitely post-Corbin wonderful. I got 4 whole hours 9pm-1am where Mark took over Corbin, then I fed, slept, fed at 3, slept, fed at 5 slept, and fed at 7. So I kind of got like 3 extra hours there!! Woot. Previously, Corbin didn't go back to sleep after eating. This would be a nice change and a schedule I could live with, but this was just one night, so we'll see if it repeats. I'm a total night owl, so going to bed at 9pm is weird to me, but I'm so exhausted lately it works.

Mark went back to work this week so he can only help me in the evenings, he needs his sleep to be able to get up in the morning and not be a zombie. But it hasn't been too horrible. I think the evening shift is working. The real test will be in two weeks when everyone has gone home. My mom and grandma are coming next week for 4 days and then its just us! Hmmm...I think I can handle it! As long as I get a little sleep here and there. Thank goodness Hayden still naps in the afternoon.

So Corbin has his tests scheduled for August 8th at 12:30pm, it will take most of the afternoon to do the tests. In fact one is scheduled for 3:30. So that tells me what I'll be doing. If anyone wants to do some toddler babysitting (name your "reasonable" price, hehe) let me know. Otherwise I think Mark will have to take a half day to watch Hayden, and we're running low on vacation time, haha.

I've discovered some great "new-to-me" blogs that I hope to put on the sidebar eventually, so you should check them out. Yes, they are "mostly" Mommy blogs, but hey - that's my life. Mommy blogs rule!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Life Right Now

I feel like a dairy cow...


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Middle Ground

Today we had Corbin's urology appointment. As we thought, his left kidney is filled with cysts and there is no good kidney tissue seen. But remarkably, his right kidney has grown to compensate for the extra work. A normal kidney size for a baby his age would be around 35 mm, Corbin's kidney is 53 mm! What a miracle baby. This often happens when only a single kidney is working. God is an awesome creator!

As for the future, they want to do an x-ray of his bladder to check for any complications that might cause kidney problems, as well as testing the kidney function of the cystic kidney. The doctor thinks that there is probably no function, but we will see. Both tests can only be down 46 weeks gestation, which isn't for another 6-8 weeks. So the good news is we won't be rushing around as much for now. Just the normal checkups until then.

In Hayden news, he succeeded in smacking his little brother today while I was nursing. Ack! Corbin didn't seem to mind, but this kind of behavior is not gonna fly. He's been acting out and purposely disobeying us for attention. On the other hand, Hayden is warming up to me. He gave me a kiss today and sat on the couch next to me while we watched his shows. We even played his favorite game of chase. And tonight while we were putting him to bed he reached out to me (even though Mark was right there) to hold him. Yay! I'll have to cherish those little moments, in case he gets mad again tomorrow, HA!

Mark put up a swing just for Hayden in the backyard today. We're hoping that this "big boy" swing will make up for all the baby gear that he can't sit in. He'll get to try it out tomorrow morning, I hope he likes it.

Oh, and for all you parents out there, here's a recall notice for Jardine cribs. Our crib was one of these - ugh. Luckily, we don't have room to put the crib up right now, so it's still sitting disassembled in the garage. After filling out the form, they are going to send us a package telling us how to get a voucher for a new crib. Huh? Ok I just filled out a form so you could send me more forms? Why not just send me the voucher? Hmm. I hope I don't need my receipt, cause that's not something I think I kept. Oh well. Also, they don't make our crib anymore. It's a mint green crib that goes with his changing table, etc. What kind of crib am I going to get with the voucher? I guess we'll see.

Well pray for a good nights sleep for us! So far we haven't had much luck there - but who knows? Maybe tonight is the night!