Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Okay, the first part of this post will be done in the two minutes before I need to leave for the next appointment!

This morning was Corbin's circumcision. Ouchie! He's doing pretty well considering. Right now he's snoozing. In a second, I'll have to put him in the car seat, which of course will piss him off.

Things have been crazy busy here. Thanks to all my friends, again, for cooking for us. Some folks are under the mistaken impression that my mom-in-law cooks. Although she does EVERYTHING else, cooking is not one of those things. So the food is MUCH appreciated!! Thanks.

Okay, it's 5 hours later...haha...dang these posts take a long time to write. I have to steal my sleeptime to finish them. Right now BOTH kiddos are snoozing (knock on wood) and I have a free second to eat, go to the bathroom, check email and blog. Corbin has been "snacking" all day, and now he's making weasel noises - which means my blogging time might be coming to an end. He's such a faker though - as soon as I put down what I'm doing the little critter falls back to sleep - BAH!

He's almost back to his birth weight. Today he weighed in at 8 lbs 2.5 ounces - only .5 to go!

Hayden seems to be doing better, he even "pet" his brother today - he stroked his hair and nose. Of course, I was standing by in case the gentle pet became an all-out smack down. Cause with Hayden, ya never know. He's getting so smart these days - I've been impressed with his ability to put Legos together (a skill he didn't have previously). And he has a new word!! Kikky Caw...which of course is Kitty Cat.

Mark and I have also resorted to spelling out words. M-I-L-K being one of them, because if Hayden hears this word around bedtime he flips out and runs to the kitchen impatiently waiting for his warm milk. Being the lazy buggers we are, M-I-L-K soon became M-L-K, which then became Martin Luther or Dr. King, haha. So yeah, Dr. King means milk in the Zavala household. Let him figure that one out!

Having two kids is kind of like running a circus. I dared to take a shower yesterday and our household had a meltdown. While I was luxuriously washing my hair, both kids were crying, the doorbell was ringing, and so was the phone. Mark had his hands full to say the least. It makes me laugh, HAHA, although don't tell Mark. Oops, he reads my blog.

I did get wonderful sleep last night. Okay, not pre-kid wonderful, but definitely post-Corbin wonderful. I got 4 whole hours 9pm-1am where Mark took over Corbin, then I fed, slept, fed at 3, slept, fed at 5 slept, and fed at 7. So I kind of got like 3 extra hours there!! Woot. Previously, Corbin didn't go back to sleep after eating. This would be a nice change and a schedule I could live with, but this was just one night, so we'll see if it repeats. I'm a total night owl, so going to bed at 9pm is weird to me, but I'm so exhausted lately it works.

Mark went back to work this week so he can only help me in the evenings, he needs his sleep to be able to get up in the morning and not be a zombie. But it hasn't been too horrible. I think the evening shift is working. The real test will be in two weeks when everyone has gone home. My mom and grandma are coming next week for 4 days and then its just us! Hmmm...I think I can handle it! As long as I get a little sleep here and there. Thank goodness Hayden still naps in the afternoon.

So Corbin has his tests scheduled for August 8th at 12:30pm, it will take most of the afternoon to do the tests. In fact one is scheduled for 3:30. So that tells me what I'll be doing. If anyone wants to do some toddler babysitting (name your "reasonable" price, hehe) let me know. Otherwise I think Mark will have to take a half day to watch Hayden, and we're running low on vacation time, haha.

I've discovered some great "new-to-me" blogs that I hope to put on the sidebar eventually, so you should check them out. Yes, they are "mostly" Mommy blogs, but hey - that's my life. Mommy blogs rule!


Michelle said...

Glad that you are finally getting some sleep! Aah, cat naps and disney videos are a great combo! Good luck at the appts!

Just Me said...

Yes, Hayden loves his Vroom Vroom movie, aka Cars. He waves it at us all day long asking to watch it, HA!

Bethany said...

I know we barely know each other but seriously I'm here if you'd like me to watch Hayden on the 8th (no charge). We'll be in our new house by then which is a little further from you guys but still in the NW area. I'd really enjoy hosting a Violet-Hayden playtime!

Just Me said...

That would be awesome! :D

amanda said...

Thanks for adding me to your sidebar list even though I am not a "mommy" blog. ha ha :)

Just Me said...

Yes, you are special in that your my one fav read that is NOT a mommy blog!! =D