Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Exhausted but still happy..

Despite the crappy sleep that goes along with newborns, I am soooo happy not to be pregnant anymore. The physical exhaustion that accompanies pregnancy is worse than any sleepless night with a baby. I feel ALIVE again. It's strange to think that you were in a fog for the last 9 months or uh, 10 - but it's true. I suddenly feel awake and energized.

Corbin slept fairly well last night, but of course I held him all night. We slept on the couch, him laying cozily on my chest. He was super fussy from the circumcision and nothing could calm him but Mommy. We will start the sleep training soon, now that he's eating well and gaining weight.

I had my 2 week postpartum checkup yesterday - all was well. The midwife said I could start exercising AND have sex as soon as the bleeding stopped. Woohoo! I'm thinking that will be sometime next week. I really need to get my fat butt on a treadmill. So far I've lost 26 lbs of the baby weight, but still have about 23 lbs to go to get to pre-preggo weight. And that's not even an ideal weight, HA! Oh well.

Corbin is staying awake more in the day! Which is awesome. Hopefully, that translates into better night sleep. I'm sure time is going to fly by and soon my little guy will be running around here with his brother.

Friday is "Summer Party" a carnival put on by our church. I just volunteered to do the Lollipop tree! We'll see if Corbin cooperates with that plan. I'm putting my Ergo baby carrier to work! I love this carrier - it doesn't hurt my back at all, which was a big problem with the Baby Bjorn. I hope it's not very hot though, these 100 degree days are killer. This week has been much cooler though, low 90s. Mark will be in charge of Hayden, maybe he's old enough to play some of the games now. I'm so excited that he's able to do more things now! I love watching him learn new things and play.

In other less fun news, after my second baby, I'm beginning to see the point of control top panty hose, HA! Man, my body is wrecked! Between the stretch marks and the saggy skin, I'm in desperate need of a mommy makeover. But I had the same issues after Hayden and I found that the stretch marks faded and the skin toned back up a bit with exercise, so I just have to be patient and leave the donuts alone!

Okay, the two kids are both down for naps (for now), so I'm gonna grab some tea and have 2 minutes of Mommy time.


Anonymous said...

You have lost 26 lbs in 2 weeks??

Just Me said...

Yeah, my ability to retain water while pregnant is like no other. Sheesh.

Amanda said...

How long does bleeding normally last after having a kiddo? Whoa! I have to say that your blog has been the most educational for me as of late! :)

Just Me said...

For me, it is usually close to 3 weeks before it has completely stopped.