Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Thursday

So after the rough start to the week, the past two nights have been much improved. Last night Corbin slept 3 hours at a time - which is a big improvement from the usual 2. Also, he didn't have any fussy times and always went back to bed. I have noticed however that 5 am seems to be his "wake time" as he doesn't want to go back to sleep for very long after that. Hmmm...

I was just reading on another friends blog that her baby just slept 10 hours!! Wow. Her baby is a month older, so obviously that's not going to happen for us yet. I just hope I can get Corbin eating enough full feedings that eventually he can get some solid sleep too! I'd be happy with a 5 or 6 hour stretch! That would rock.

I'm starting to see little pieces of Corbin's personality shining through. It's amazing. Hayden expressed himself when he was upset by having this big pouting lip stick out. He did it from about 1 month on. Corbin does this major frowning face!! It's adorable and so sad at the same time. Haha.

There are also other little differences. Like Hayden would curl his little toes all the time, Corbin has this long straight toes and rarely ever curls them. Hayden loved sleeping in his papasan infant seat (he did until about 3 months), Corbin loves sleeping on his side in the pack-n-play. I'm hoping his side sleeping will help with the flat head spot babies seem to get.

Things seem to be getting back to normal, the only part of our lives we haven't been able to resume yet is our nightly World of Warcraft gaming. I expect that we'll get back to that when Corbin is sleeping more predictable. Hopefully, that will be sooner rather than later. I miss gaming!! And all my buds online.

There's an outdoor play at Zilker tonight I'd love to go to with the munchkins - but I'm going to have to convince Mark it's doable first. It doesn't start until sundown, but it would be so amazing to go to. I hope he agrees - and that the munchkins cooperate if he does. I'm going to brainstorm ways to keep Hayden occupied! Oh and make sure we're well stocked on goldfish and other toddler crack.


Anonymous said...

Did you get to go to Zilker last night?

Just Me said...

It was a friggin disaster and we left after like 10 minutes.