Friday, August 1, 2008


So Zilker Theatre was a bust. =( We got there right as it was both starting and the sun setting. There were no places to sit where you could actually see anything at all and it was getting dark and impossible to set up our little "picnic". So after about 10 minutes we left. So much for that idea. It was a heartbreaking moment.

Anywho, at least it's Friday now. Corbin's schedule is all messed up today. He's only wanting to "snack" and is not interested in any kind of napping. Last night's sleep was ok, but not as great as it has been. He had a few periods of waking up after only an hour or so. Ugh.

I started a new diet today and it's going great so far. I just hope I don't bail on it at the sight of junk food. I really would like to get rid of his extra weight. And who am I kidding, it's not all baby weight.

As for this weekend, I choose to make no grand plans for fear of failure. I will hide in my house and do home things.


AndreAnna said...

Our schedules all wonky today too - maybe somethings in the air

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the diet! I am totally here to support since I'm on it too! HEHEHE. :)

Robyn said...

Aw, so sorry you missed out on the musical! Maybe next year... and maybe we could even get some friends together and go early and get one big awesome spot to share and let our kids run around a little without bothering anyone else.

As far as the junk food goes, I've heard it's best to allow yourself small amounts of the stuff you just can't live without, rather than let the cravings build up until you end up eating a whole tub of ice cream or bag of jelly beans or whatever. (But let's not talk about bags of jelly beans...). Good luck with the diet!!