Thursday, August 7, 2008

Is it Happy Thursday again?

Wow how time flies by, another Thursday post. In an effort to make more time to do things like, oh, cleaning dirty dishes so we can eat and washing clothes so we're not naked, I've been looking for things to cut back on. So what's a large area I spend my time these days? Hmmm...blogs of course. Not blogging, but reading other's blogs. There are definitely some blogs I love and will of course not give up, but over the months my google reader has filled up with all kinds of blogs I've run across. Many of these blogs originally spoke to me and were really enjoyable, but I've noticed something lately...

Instead of the usual witty, personal, or real-life posts that first attracted me, I'm reading nothing but give-aways, funny pictures, promos for this store or that site, and what award they just received. The awesome material that made some of these blogs great, is gone or only happens once a month, if that. It's sad, because I really enjoyed relating to some of these great bloggers. I don't know if it's because their blogs are "famous" now or they are just caught up in the quest for high blog traffic, but things have changed.

FYI, I don't read others blogs because I want free stuff. I don't want to be directed to some online store unless they really love the product and can tell me why. And I can google funny pics and youtube videos all day long if I want, I don't need to go to someone's blog for that. My computer is usually muted these days anyway since kiddos are napping. So when the whole blog post is just a video, well that leaves me with nothing.

Is there any reason that those kind of blog "extras" can't be included WITH actual content? Because I miss the content!

So I'm setting aside those "types" of blogs for now, in return for some extra time in my day. I'm not yet prepared to remove them from my google reader, but I'm not reading them.

Okay, now to my life. Today was Hayden's Ear, Nose, Throat doctor appointment. The bottom line is that we're probably doing tubes in the fall. And he passed his hearing test with flying colors. Woohoo. This was the first time he actually paid attention to the hearing test. It was awesome. But the whole appointment left me exhausted as it's very physical. He has to be held down for almost everything - looking in his ears, throat, the test where they take a picture of his ear drum, etc. He really hates going there. As soon as he sees the Dr he starts crying and throwing a tantrum. Yay for Dr. visits.

Tomorrow is Corbin's visit to Dell Children's Hospital for his kidney tests, etc. It will be a long afternoon, but I hear that the hospital is really gorgeous and awesome. Maybe I'll have a chance to look around while I'm there. I'm supposed to bring a bottle and a pacifier tomorrow. I've been pumping like a mad woman in the hope that if it's breast milk and not formula he'll actually take the bottle. And Hayden has managed to hide EVERY pacifier we own...I hope I don't have to buy another. If I can remember I'll bring my camera and take some shots of the hospital!

Tonight is movie date night and I'm psyched! Of course we're watching a DVD at home after the kids go down, but either way it's a date! Tonights movie - Pride and Prejudice. Hubby wasn't that interested until I told him that if he made no annoying comments and watched it, he just might get lucky tonight. :P


Robyn said...

I'm assuming this is the more recent Pride and Prejudice and not the 5-hour A&E version? ;)

Just Me said...

Yes the recent movie version. I'm a sucker for great soundtracks and it had an excellent one! I listen to it daily.

AndreAnna said...

Good luck tomorrow!!

All my hubby had to do was give me two martinis.

Michelle said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hope your not to tired to enjoy your date night. Both hubby and I fell asleep during our last movie date! HAHA!