Monday, August 11, 2008


Texas, how I loathe thee...

Ever since I came to this God forsaken state, I've had nothing but trouble with...bugs! And bugs of all kinds. Cockroaches, gnats, maggots, and now moths...again. Granted I haven't had all these buggies at once, or even all in this house, but still! Can I not have a year go by without some kind of bug invasion??

I mean, I never had these problems growing up - and I did the cooking and shopping. But then again I lived in a cooler climate with less bugs.

In our first apartment after we got married, I left some water in a pan to soak and a day later - yuck. Gnats are gross.

Then a few weeks after that, I had bought some potatoes and put them in our pantry (which for some reason had carpet flooring) and they went bad. Bread would mold in like a day. Fruit looked bad before you even took it home from the store. The apartment complex would spray for cockroaches and they would be everywhere!!

Later, when we moved to Austin, a strange smell started coming from our chimney. My mother was in town visiting us - what a lovely impression. She thought it was probably something stuck in the floo. Our roommate Mikey was the only one brave enough to open it. Right about the time he said "See there's nothing in ..." out bounced a dead squirrel!!! We all screamed and jumped on the couch and Mikey ran around the corner. The way it bounced from the fireplace to out on the carpet we thought it was alive for a second. But no, oh no it wasn't. MAGGOTS!!! Ugh. In the carpet, everywhere. We cleaned them up, sprayed the carpet. But they kept coming back. Bleh.

Then in this house. What is up with moths in food?? What kind of jacked up food are we eating anyway?

So this time we noticed moths coming out of the pantry. I'd dealt with it before so I wasn't too excited to get in there and clean everything out again. I thought I'd try the "let's pretend there are no moths" method. Every night I would see Hubby swatting the pantry like a mad man. Hayden giggling the whole time.

So finally today I did what I knew I had to do. One at a time I inspected every can, box, bag, etc. for moth cocoons. I was so dreading this task. There is nothing like sticking your hand back into the dark reaches of your pantry and finding who knows what. With a fly swatter in one hand and a sponge in the other I dug in. I was swatting those little buggers like a crazed lunatic. I must have really been going wild cause one of my nursing boob pads flew out of my bra. Later when I nursed Corbin, I noticed it was missing - lying next to the pantry.

And of course the culprit was a bag of flour. Ewwwww. So I threw out 3 trash bags of food stuff. For the fully grown moths I hung fly paper traps and swatted.

I hate bugs.

Let me say that again...


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