Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Balloons Are Evil

So yesterday we did our weekly outing to HEB plus (a giant grocery store for you out-of-towners). We've been going when Mark gets home. We eat dinner in their little cafe and then do our weekly shopping. They always greet the kids with balloons - which are Hayden's absolute favorite right now. So he gets a balloon and we get home only to have it float up to the top of our 20 foot living room ceiling.

Luckily, it was bedtime and Hayden didn't notice...until this morning. He finally saw the red, floating, evil, air-filled monster and immediately wanted it DOWN.

Okay kid, slight problem - your momma is like 5 foot 2 (on a poofy hair day) - and there's no ladder tall enough in this house to retrieve your "precious".

Okay momma, slight problem - I want it down NOW and I will throw tantrums the rest of them morning for you not getting it down. I will ask to be picked up all morning in an effort to be taller and reach my "precious". When that doesn't work, I will throw another tantrum because you are so SHORT!

I think God had pity on me and the balloon floated down by itself this afternoon - I owe you one God.

Corbin of course thought this was all quite hysterical.


AndreAnna said...

I always tie her balloons to one of her stuffed animals to avoid a similar situation! lol

It All Started With a Kiss said...

Oh, I hate balloons. Especially at restaurants when you spend the rest of the meal wrestling with them. And with 6 kids now, it just seems ridiculous. :)

On one of your older posts you commented about how so many blogs have let up on content and are mostly full of promos, ads, etc. Oh, you hit the nail right on the head. Drives me crazy.
On days I don't have time or creativity its tempting, but now I think it's better to just not post at all that day.