Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hayden Craziness

(Hayden in April 2007).

The thoughts of Hayden:

Mom must wear the super cool ear muffs I found in the drawer all day long!!

Look a cat! "Moo" Look a dog! "Moo" Look a tree! "Moo".

I can NOT sleep without my blanket and will scream bloody murder until Mom comes in and realizes what an idiot she is for not checking that it was in my bed before putting me down for a nap. Mom needs to find it right now, even though I hid it in her bedroom closet!

A baking sheet is the coolest toy ever!! I wonder if I can bonk "Bebe Bubba" on the head with it?
(No he hasn't yet...but I'm sure it's coming).

Cars!!! I want to watch CARS!!! NOW!!!

Mom? Dad? This movie is NOT Cars!!!! Take it out.

Did I just see Dad in a photo? Dada!! Where are you? Why do you leave every day?

(While pointing at any female in a photo) Mama? (BAH! No I'M Momma!!!!)

1 comment:

LeftyMama said...

Hah hah! Samson does the same thing with calling every woman "Mama!" and every man "Da!" We're working on "woman" or "lady" and "man," or "girl" and "boy." No wonder he's so confused....