Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yours & Mine

Oh, so I never updated about movie date night! We put Hayden down for the night, let Corbin fall asleep in his swing and we got to watch our movie in peace. Pride and Prejudice set the tone for the "night" and hubby managed to keep his male quips to a minimum.

After the movie it was already 11:30pm and hubby needed to go to work early, so there was almost no lovin' going on in the Zavala household that night, but ...

(Sex talk coming, cover your eyes if your sensitive...)

I convinced him that staying up a little later would be to his benefit. And let me tell you - you gotta try KY Yours & Mine lubricant if you haven't yet. I had seen the commercials and was curious so when hubby and I were out at Walmart I snagged some. I figured it be like all the other products that typically do little for us ladies, but I was wrong.

It comes with two different lubricants one for the woman, one for the man. The guy's lubricant is "warming" and the female's is "cooling" and I highly recommend this product!!! And that is all I'll say about that.

As for Mark, his comment afterward was..."My p*n*s is on fire ... and my balls are frozen." Then we cracked up for like 5 minutes when I told him "I HAVE to put this on my blog you know."


AndreAnna said...

You're the second person that has mentioned that stuff.

Guess I have to buy it!

Anonymous said...

And he thought on fire and frozen is a good thing? lol

Oh, and since when does p*n*s need stars,lol

Just Me said...

Since I'm trying to keep weirdos from finding my site by searching for p*n*s.

Anonymous said...

you are a smart cookie.

LeftyMama said...

Aghhh! TMI! TMI! ;o)

Glad y'all are getting back in the groove. I just had a mommy friend in from overseas, and she confessed that she & hubby didn't "get back on the horse" for a full 2 YEARS after baby #1. Yikes.