Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mommy Days

Today is one of those days I call a "Mommy Day", where I am painfully aware that I am indeed now a Mommy. Being a Mommy is characterized by:

1.) Allowing another living being to give you slobbery, snot-covered kisses without screaming and running in fear.
2.) Walking around at least part of the day with a goldfish cracker stuck to some part of your body.
3.) Becoming a human jungle gym as soon as you are within reach of your toddler. This includes him sitting on your head, climbing up your preggo belly, and laying all over you if you dare sit on the couch.
4.) Being surrounded by the craziest mess imaginable that for once, YOU didn't not create. Note the sippy cups lying around, all the couch pillows tossed on the floor, every piece of junk mail thrown, crumpled, and walked on, toddler table lying upside down, 5000 Legos marching towards you ready to strike if you decide to actually walk on the floor, and random wet spots on the carpet - oh and don't forget the crackers and goldfish.
5.) Humming the tune to Disney's Robin Hood intro for the entertainment of your toddler.
6.) Smelling the 4th dirty diaper of the day...what are you eating kid?
7.) Being unable to watch anything on TV that isn't a cartoon or have some overly perky adult smiling and telling you about how great it is to read!
8.) The thought of a shower has now become a luxury. I.e. it holds the same joy as going out with the girls.
9.) You have that "one" movie that you save for those times when you don't think you can stand another second...ours is Disney's Robin Hood. I use it day it may not work!
10.) Both you and your critter for some reason have no pants on...apparently putting pants on anyone today is too much work.

Yes, that is today alright. Hayden is getting a cold or something. Argh. Running nose, low-grade fever, and cough. And no nap today. :( I miss nap time. I need a nap too.

I hope that snot filled kiss does not get me sick. That will definitely not be good. soon as hubby gets home, I'm hopping into the shower for some much needed "Me" time.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My New Favorite Room

Ah, yes...I remember this part. I have now reached the point where I visit the bathroom every 15 minutes! And don't let me sneeze! And to top it all off...there's like hardly any pee!!! HA! Oh well! That just means Corbin is getting ready to arrive in the next 2 months! So that's a good thing. I'm sure my bladder would disagree.

Had another prenatal appt today - I'm getting good at this. In and out in like 15 minutes! Woot. And that's the way I like it - short means everything is fine! And the blood pressure was still good. For those that weren't around last time, that was an issue for me the last pregnancy. So I'm crossing my fingers that it won't happen again. So far so good.

In another post I mentioned Hayden's weird new skill of spitting water out on his shirt. I was wondering where this strange behavior came from when the following scene transpired:

I'm changing his diaper while he drinks some water out of his sippy cup. He starts spitting the water out and then I hear..."Grrrrr...gurgle gurlge...grrrrr". Ah ha! This strange behavior that has been driving me nuts has been identified. Hayden has been imitating Daddy's mouthwash gargling!!!! Thanks Dad!

Hayden's new word...well not word. He now growls. I believe this one too comes from Daddy.

And today at the park he said "Bird!"

Such a big boy now.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Quest for Happiness

The world seems to have gone on a crazy binge in search of the elusive feeling of happiness. According to TV, media, cultural gurus, movies, etc, we need to live our lives in an eternal state of bliss. Where can you find this bliss? Well of course they are there to tell you...

First, you must buy something bigger and better than what you have. If you don't have one, you better go get one because you're depriving yourself of the American dream. Look down the street...the Jones have a self propelled mower? You need a riding lawn mower! They have a Ford? You need a Lexus! Then everyone will see how great your life is and KNOW that you are happy. And just knowing that will make YOU happy.

Second, you must beautify everything around you. This is where the home improvement networks and retail stores come in. Get a gardening service, contract a landscaper. Remodel your house. Upgrade those fixtures and appliances! New carpeting! New furniture to match the new carpeting! A fresh coat of paint and a trip to the Container store should do it!

Third, you MUST be organized!! Who can be happy in chaos? File those papers, alphabetize those DVDs, label the drawers, and get a planner.

Fourth, stay current in your techno-gadgets. You're phone must email, take pictures, store your calendar, play MP3s, and send you reminders when you're out of milk. You're laptop must only be access via fingerprint and have all the latest software! You must have the biggest and best monitor you, or anyone else, has EVER seen. You just KNEW that blue ray was going to win out and replaced all your movies appropriately. You've been wireless since before we knew that we were wired! Latest game console? You've got it. You're a whiz at Guitar Hero, and have 5 level 70s in WoW. And don't even get you started on your home theater system, it will blow the clothes off anyone who dares to test it.

Fifth, you must be a connoisseur of all wines (red in particular), the best restaurants in town for any type of cuisine you might be asked about, as well as able to list any liquor that's been made in the last 200 years. This shows you have good taste, and well happy people must have good taste.

Sixth, if you are a woman, you must know and own at least one pair of the season's hottest designers shoes, sunglasses or purse - or at least have a knock-off. Less important, but still up there would be clothes. Happy people are of course beautiful people.

And finally, although not really the final thing - I'm just wrapping it up for brevity's sake-, you should find a good self-help book that puts your mind in the happy place - whether through, meditation, weight loss, pop-psychology, or whatever.

And tada!!! You're happy!

Or are you? ...

Then again, are we supposed to be happy all the time? Are we supposed to obtain every want and desire until our house are stuffed with crap and our credit cards maxed out? And what would happen if we didn't get everything we wanted? And what if we weren't beautiful? And our houses weren't perfect? And our cars weren't the best? And we didn't need yet another book to tell us how to think and feel? What if we weren't always organized? What if there were spoons in with the forks and nothing was labeled??!!

I have lusted for and tried to obtain a lot of what I talked about. I have bought stacks of books telling me that they were going to transform my life! I have planned and decorated and organized. I have bought the SUV. And I watch TV and am bombarded by the next thing that will make me REALLY happy. I see the new weight loss commercial and think "Oooh, that could be me in 6 weeks!" I see the cool car and think, maybe I wouldn't be such a dork if I drove something like that". And the shoe adds that make me think, "I know I have ugly pudgy (and now preggo swollen) feet, but THOSE shoes might make them look good!" Or "Yes! I'll just take this magic pill and I'll lose weight". "Whoa, my life would be so much easier if I got pancake puff maker".

So, I think it may come as no big surprise that I have discovered something...these things don't bring happiness. I know, I'm slow...

And I don't think I want happiness all the time. I prefer my happiness to come in special moments. Like the first time Hayden giggled or gave me a kiss. That's what makes them so happy, the quick brief bliss.

But what I would like is some peace and contentment. To be content with who I am, who I have to love in my life, and what I have been given. Everyone has to walk their own way to that, I'm no advice giver. I've found it in God, but there will be no preaching in this blog, only authenticity. I won't pretend to be who I'm not, but I won't ask you to be anyone either.

This post is really just about me wanting to change my attitudes and turn off the constant inflow of false information that's trying to tell me I need more stuff!!!! I could list about a hundred things that I "need", but in all honesty I don't need any of them. Let's see what life is like when I turn off the "instant gratification" button, and try not getting my way all the time...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

30 Weeks

Today I am 30 weeks. It feels good to have made it this far, yet the due date still seems too far away. Even though I have made NO progress in preparation for Corbin, I am totally ready to pop him out. This momma is done with being preggo. Most of the day was spent napping or laying down while Hayden terrorized the house. I completely wore myself out yesterday cleaning the house. And today I paid for it. I hate being so inactive, I generally love going for walks and getting out of the house, but with the temperatures in the 80s and a 26+ lb toddler to carry around with you everywhere, I'm just not in the mood.

I can actually say I have not left the house this week. I haven't driven anywhere, I don't even think I've stepped off my front porch. I have been a complete shut-in. Luckily, I will be getting out tomorrow.

The pic is actually one from last sweet little baby Hayden! Of course now he's a big boy who gives kisses, says no, and can climb up on his little rocking horse all by himself. His latest fascination - all things water. It's gotten to the point of him even pouring or spitting water on himself from his sippy cup. Depending on the sippy, he will either pop off the lid and just spill it on himself, or fill his mouth with water from the sippy and spit it all back out on his shirt. I am constantly finding him with a completely soaked shirt. We're going through about three outfits a day...argh.

I did get him to eat some string cheese the other day. Cheese has not been an acceptable food for him up to that point. But I'm sure, as with most other foods, he'll probably never eat it again. I still need to try the muffin suggestion - I think that would work. I'm just too lazy to cook any right now. Also, the chicken and broccoli sounded good - again that requires that I use something other than the microwave. My cooking skills have taken a turn for the worse uses the stove which makes heat, and I am hot enough thank you very much. Now if my stove came with a seat and a built in air conditioner, I'm there!

I'm to the point where I don't even want to make myself a sandwich, I'd rather sit there and starve then use up that last drop of energy!! I need that for Hayden. Hahaha.

Oh well, that's enough complaining from me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tribute to my best "girlfriend" Uncle M.

Have you any idea how much not having you in Austin makes the city much more dreary? Or how many times we recite the line "I knew a Cliff once"? Or that every time we walk into an italian place Mark says, "Smells like Papa Vino threw up in here?"

I still think of your houses every time I think about starting a home improvement project. And I miss your accordion playing midnight hour.

We haven't sung Karaoke since you left...and probably won't until you return.

And I'm sad to think that Hayden hasn't had the joy of hanging with Uncle M.

But I'm happy to see you thriving in the big city and loving life - so I wouldn't wish it any other way.

I hope this month's past birthday has been all you hoped it would be - and remember you have a big group of friends back home in Austin who love you...girlfriend. ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Queen of the Jerks

Yes, I have officially titled myself Queen of the Jerks! I'd kick my own butt if I could. This week has been a week of me realizing what complete jerk I can be. Argh.

How I can be so oblivious to things, or how can I think or say things that are so dumb...

I have the best friends IN THE WORLD, and to think that I could ever hurt their feelings, even a little, makes me cry! That's the last thing I would ever want to do.

And less you think you're the friend, no worries...there have been multiple instances of my obliviousness this week. So you're not alone!

I don't like being this person. I've let myself get too caught up in other folks drama, when I need to be just taking care of me and my own problems. Believe me, I've got plenty to work on.

Anyway, so let this be an ode to my girlfriends...I know I'm opening myself up to forgetting someone - and that doesn't mean I forgot you, it means my pregnancy-induced brain fog has limited my mental abilities. Just comment and say, hey what about me you jerk! And I'll add ya.

Oh and there is no "first" on the list, so don't feel special if you're at the top, or slighted if last.

  • Shannon - You have been such a great friend to have had over the past year. You have a beautiful energy and love that just flows out of you and I love just hanging out with you! Watching our babies grow and talking about our triumphs (and failures) has been a huge asset in my life
  • Jenny - Your humor and laughter is infectious. I can't help but feel happy when you're around. You have a wonderful attitude through all seasons of life and I have learned to just be happy from your influence. Thank you for always being there no matter what.
  • Megan - You are a rock in my life. I look to you when I need advice. I look to you when I need a role model. I have never heard you say one bad thing about anyone, and I am in awe of you for that. You are always there with love and support, I can't thank you enough for that.
  • Lindi - You walk with me through my struggles and my victories. You are there to listen to my many complaints without judging me. You there to help when things are rough, and there to celebrate when times are good.
  • Christy - I look up to you as a mother and a friend. I love how you treat others and your attitude on motherhood. When I feel overwhelmed or down, I just think about you and your wonderful girls and suddenly I have the energy to continue. You've always made me feel welcome and I feel like a better person just to know you.
  • Merae - Could you be any sweeter? When I first met you, I thought to myself, I want to know that girl! You are so generous and kind to everyone around you. I am in awe of your spirit. You are so wonderful, yet not to proud to admit your weaknesses. You're always careful not to hurt others, and I wish I could learn that skill from you.
  • Shelley - You are my constant encourager. You're bright spirit and endless energy overflows! I love your attitude and love.
  • Gail - You inspire me to be strong every day. Your strength is an encouragement to anyone who knows you. I get through some days just thinking of your strength.
  • Tara - You are my example of faith. I love your personality, I love your love of life, I'm just happier when I'm around you. You make me appreciate life everyday.
  • Ebit - You're bubbly personality makes me glow! I love your sweetness and caring. You've always made me feel cared for, even before we knew each other that well.
  • Cynthia - I have gained such a respect for your strength and determination over the last year. I love our talks and am so glad you're apart of our family.
  • Linda - I look at you for what it means to be a wife and parent. I love your outlook on parenthood and marriage and I couldn't have found a better CG - I do feel like family.
And to all those left unmentioned - my brain sucks. YOU ARE LOVED. And I wouldn't be who I am today or where I am today without you. I have met the most wonderful women in the past year at CrossRoads, and I can't wait to make them even closer friends. I wish there was more time in the day to get to know each and every one of you - cause I see the most amazing women in you. I love your sweetness and caring. I know that we'll eventually become closer, because I'd be foolish not to become greater friends with all of you!

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Weekend Arrives Again

And here it is again...the weekend. The weeks seem to be really flying by, partially because my lazy ass is sooooo tired all the time now. Doing dishes requires an hour nap of recuperation. Any activity which requires additional walking/movement has me out for hours. So yeah, the day does go by quickly when you are taking your toddler's 2 hour nap. Which, by the way, I will be doing as soon as I finish posting!

Thanks for the suggestions on foods! I'm going to try them out - I'll let you know the results. Today we tried grapes...good for smooshing, not so acceptable for eating apparently. They mostly found their way to the floor. At least he's a good drinker! He loves his water. I have to be grateful for that. He mainly only drinks water - no juice or other sweet stuff.

Tomorrow, in support of a wonderful friend, the whole family is getting out for the Lupus Walk - registration is at 9am for those locals that want to show their support! Hopefully we'll get there on time - our family is notorious for being slow moving in the morning. Haha. But it should be a good time and we're glad we're able to be there.

Other than that, I don't think we have any major plans. I'm sure the weekend will fly by as usual and then it will be Monday again.

Part of me desperately would love to go on a vacation. The last "real" vacation we went on I think was Hawaii and that was 4 years ago! We did go to Vegas once after that, but honestly, I don't count going to Vegas with a bunch of family a real vacation. We spent most of that trip following someone else or waiting for someone or sick!! I got really sick the last day. Ugh. So yeah, I could go for a vacation. Unfortunately, I don't think that is at all possible considering we're about to have another baby. Maybe next year. :( Then I'll REALLY need a vacation, haha.

For those of you wondering about baby showers - apparently my awesome friends do throw 2nd baby showers!! I believe you all should be getting invites in the near future for my shower on May 16th! So save the date!! I'm so excited - this shower sounds amazing. :) And just to have another shower is awesome. I totally didn't expect another one with the 2nd baby. But just thinking that I have a shower coming up freaks me out because that means I also am having a baby soon! ACK! Ok I can handle it! 2 kiddos, no problemo. I'll figure it out - I'm good at figuring stuff out.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend - and if possible enjoy the weather outside!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Thursday

I don't know what it is about Thursdays, but I think I like them the best! Something to do with the anticipation of Friday and the weekend, and of course making it through another week.

Hayden is just getting sweeter by the second. His new thing - kisses! He first, of course, holds his grimy blanket up to his mouth to kiss it, then passes it to me for a kiss, and then he leans in and gives Mom a kiss! Awww. My heart melts at his sweetness.

I'm desperate for ideas on new foods for him, he is such a picky eater. We must move on from microwaveable chicken nuggets. Any suggestions? I'm up for them. Hayden loves most fruits, except the really sour ones, so I have no problems there. And he'll eat any pureed vegetable - which I'm sure Gerber is happy about since that's where my baby food budget goes. But I'd really like to see him eat more foods.

And here's my rant for today: Last night a friend of mine who's been experiencing car troubles among other stuff, told us that she got a letter in the mail from the good ole state of TX saying that some "good citizen" had reported her car for smoking! She thinks its probably from the day she had to add some transmission fluid and a bit of it got spilled on the engine and therefore burned off (smoked off). But honestly people!! Maybe this "good citizen" has just had a charmed life where they always had wonderful pristine cars and plenty of money to keep them running perfectly. But I, for one, have been there. I have been the person that walked everywhere because she had NO car. I have been the person who has jumped for joy after getting the $800 car because that means that she no longer has to walk to work or school in the snow, rain, or hot days. I have been the person who has slid down in her sit of sheer embarrassment while her car smoked and choked at the red light. I have been the person who prayed everyday that the car would start, would run, would NOT break down today. And I was the person who cried the day the car finally did die.

We're all so caught up in our self righteous talk that we forget to look past our agendas and see the real people. Yes, smoking cars are not good for the environment. But DO YOU REALLY THINK that she WANTS to drive a car that smokes????!!!! Do you think she wouldn't love to hop in the seat of that hybrid or probably some damn Expedition that you, the "good citizen" are driving around? Do you think that because you have a well kept car and she doesn't - that that has something to do with your love of the environment? NO, it has something to do with money. And I don't know about her, but I only drove my car when absolutely necessary for fear it might break down or I'd use it up! (I figured it only had so many miles of working use and I was going to use them sparingly) Therefore, I'd bet her pollution from the small amount of necessary driving she does, doesn't even come close to the mega pollution the "good citizen" pours out everyday.

Here's my point: Next time you see a driver on the road struggling with their car, don't smugly tell yourself how wonderful YOU are for not polluting like them and race to turn them in. Take a quick second and PRAY that you are never in that position and THANK GOD that you have the resources to have a nice vehicle. Pray for the driver and have some compassion. Understand the pain that they must go through everyday just to survive.

Ok, that's all from me today.

Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Going By Too Fast

Ack! Where did all the time go? Only (maybe) 2 1/2 more months to go until Corbin gets here. Seems like the weeks are just flying by and we're getting closer to D-day or should I say B-Day, but no more prepared. Granted there's not as much prep as with Hayden - we've got the gear, the clothes, and a bit of knowledge under our belts. But I'm still needing diapers, a place for critter #2 to sleep, and an "attack plan" for how to handle two kiddos at once. I'd also like to pick up an extra pack-n-play, an Ergo baby carrier, and some batteries for our swing, haha. We need to clean out all of Hayden's toys from the car to make room for another car seat. We don't want to be caught w/o a car seat installed like last time.

Oh yeah, then there's that whole packing a bag and brushing up on birth how far apart DO the contractions have to be before calling...hmmmm. I forget. But this time, I KNOW the difference between puny contractions and REAL labor. No confusion there. Last time I had a 4 hour labor - well what they call a four hour labor, I really say lasted 12, but whatever. So it's common to have the same or shorter labor...woot. I'll be doing dishes and *Pop* out comes baby...or that's my interpretation anyway, HA! Maybe I should get a kitchen rug, j/k.

This weekend Mark and I picked up the "Baby Leash" for Hayden...I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it before, and I'm really not sure about how I feel about it now. Seeing him with his little doggy backpack (with it's tail leash) didn't exactly give me warm feelings. Needless to say, we didn't use it a lot. I could see it's use in say an airport, or crowded place, where you're hands aren't free to chase after a toddler. Or when Corbin comes and I'm dealing with two - we'll see then. But as for now, I'm not so sure I'll be using it too much. I still have energy to chase him, and once baby 2 pops out I'll have even more. Even sleep deprived, I'm much more energetic than while pregnant. Carrying extra weight is just hard.

So we went for a picnic at great park in Georgetown on Saturday. We started off with the leash, but it was off in about 5 minutes. Hayden had a great time running around, picking up rocks and sticks, and just exploring. Mark did the hard work making sure he didn't dive into any ant piles or fall down any ditches. I lounged on the picnic blanket, setting up our meal. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, not too hot, not too cold! Wow, you don't get that often in Texas. We, of course, forgot our camera for the one millionth time. So we had to settle for camera phone pics. Argh, I wish we had remembered it, the sky was so blue, and everything so green, it was beautiful and would have made beautiful pictures. Oh well. I guess that's one that only our memories get and no one else.

We had yet another ultrasound last Thursday, and no real change there. Still has the cysts in the kidney, still feel that it probably is not functioning. We got more details, not much more but some. I think we're going to be a busy family after Corbin is born. He needs to be seen by the pediatric urologists at Dell Children's Hospital a day or so after birth. From there they will do ultrasounds on the kidney and decide whether to just watch it, or a new option the dr. mentioned, they might choose to drain the cysts and see if the kidney starts functioning. Of course, this is up to the urologists, if they decide that makes sense. So there will be lots of tests and possible a surgery in Corbin's near future. Poor kiddo. Oh and don't forget circumcision! HA.

I have discovered, or really given in to, the fact that I cannot drink any type of soda right now. I get completely sick to my stomach and a horrible sugar crash later. It basically turns me into a slug for the rest of the day almost. Ugh. I love soda. And really not just soda, anything sweet does me in right now. So I've gone to all water. Not because I'm oh so healthy, cause believe me, that's not me. It's really become the only option at this point. And I've fought hard for my sodas for over a month now. But I have surrendered at last. Yay water....I still have refused to give up my other sugar fixes, although they have almost as much impact on me as well - but a girl has to have some vices!

New in Hayden's world...

1. The phrase "uh oh", used for all falling and dropped objects or at random.
2. Consistent use of his own language phrase "Mmm mm gah?" Which means of course, I would like to eat whatever it is that you're eating, OR, See what I'm pointing at, I would like to eat that. OR Did we just get a bag from Sonic? There must be french fries in there, please pass some back here"
3. Using a spoon, scooping with a spoon is another story.
4. Playing much better with other kids...finally! Yay. He's even doing a small amount of sharing (ok very small)
5. Successful use of almost all straws
6. More teeth
7. Pulling every piece of clothing out of the open dryer and on to the floor while my back was turned
8. Climbing up onto the couch with no assistance
9. Climb down small steps, the couch, or anything greater than 1 inch.
10. Mastering the slide at the playground

I'm sure there's much more, but that's all I have for now! Enjoy your week.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Random Postings

This will be random post day, as I'm am still buzzing from the glucose test I don't think I could really put my thoughts together in any kind of cohesive way today.


Hayden LOVED the Easter bunny. He followed him all around the church egg hunt and pretty much hogged him from all the other children. He even spotted him from the other side of the field and went running to go hug him again. It was hilarious.

As for the actually egg hunt, Hayden was NOT interested. He could care less about all those other kids gathering little colored plastic eggs. He was much more interested in collecting sticks and chasing the easter bunny.


We finally came up with 'THE NAME' for Zavala boy #2....drum roll please....

Corbin Thomas Zavala


Hayden has suddenly discovered the wonder of bath time. He practically hops in completely clothed. And only gets out yelling and screaming while trying to climb back in. We have to let the water out before he gets out, just do end bath time. Sheesh.


Tomorrow will be 27 weeks! One more week and I'll hit that glorious 7 month mark. Time flies. Corbin will be here before we know it. I must start getting things ready.


Hayden's new word? Touchdown! Yes, he was sitting in his chair, giving us his best touchdown signal impression, when what flies out of his mouth - not once, but twice - TOUCHDOWN. Of course, Daddy was so proud. Unfortunately, touchdown is not a word that comes up much in daily conversation, so I'm not sure it's here to stay, I haven't heard it since.


Last night Mark and I watched the first episode of this season's Hell's Kitchen. A reality chef contest show for those who aren't familiar. Basically, they take people from all types of cooking backgrounds and give them a shot at being the new head chef at a fine restaurant. The first show always starts off by each contestant cooking their "signature" dish for Chef Ramsey. Needless to say, we were shocked when one of the dishes actually made Chef R. throw up. Ouch. I must say, the combination sounded nasty ... caviar, capers, and WHITE CHOCOLATE? Ick. I even think there was raw venison thrown in there.


I must admit I've been watching American Idol this year. I NEVER watch, but alas, I've been sucked in. I still think most of the contestants are sappy and cliche and I'm so sad one of my favorites was kicked off two weeks ago, but man, a couple of them are really good! This week they had my fav. Dolly Parton on to work with them. So of course I had to watch as they belted out their best (or worst) versions of her songs. Once chick had the nerve to pick "I'll always love you". I mean it's bad enough you're covering Dolly's song, but then you go and pick one that was blown away by Whitney Houston??? Like you're going to compare, sheesh. Not smart. Ok that's my "Simon" rant for the day.


Somehow I managed to burn food in my slow that even possible? Apparently it is, cause I did it. Argh. I'm hopeless.


Mark, Hayden, Corbin (in utero), and I took a family trip down to Cabella's (and outdoor/camping super store outside of austin). And I must say, it was awesome. They have the coolest displays and waterfall, big planes hanging from the ceiling, even a shooting gallery. Hayden was mesmerized and we had a blast too. Plus they had a great little restaurant where we ate dinner. I gorged on the Bison Brat, Mark got the Buffalo burger, and Hayden of course ate fries in obscene amounts - which I didn't mind considering he's been sick for a week and barely eating anything at all. I totally want to go back, it was a great outing for a family with a toddler. Plus, we love all things camping. Hopefully, we'll be going on a camping outing in the next few weeks. Yes, 7 months preggo and camping - woot. Thank God for the invention of the air mattress. Hopefully, the hot weather will hold off a few more weeks.


Despite Amy Winehouse's complete junkie look/lifestyle I must say I'm a fan of her CD. Even if she does look like she just rolled out from under a dumpster. Oh well, hopefully the girl gets her life together, cause she's got a great voice. Although, a good portion of what I love is probably all the ripped tracks from mo-town, haha. Just about every song is lifted from that era, but whatever, I like it!


Okay, I think that's it...totally random, possibly boring, but hey, it's my blog! I can write what I please.