Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mommy Days

Today is one of those days I call a "Mommy Day", where I am painfully aware that I am indeed now a Mommy. Being a Mommy is characterized by:

1.) Allowing another living being to give you slobbery, snot-covered kisses without screaming and running in fear.
2.) Walking around at least part of the day with a goldfish cracker stuck to some part of your body.
3.) Becoming a human jungle gym as soon as you are within reach of your toddler. This includes him sitting on your head, climbing up your preggo belly, and laying all over you if you dare sit on the couch.
4.) Being surrounded by the craziest mess imaginable that for once, YOU didn't not create. Note the sippy cups lying around, all the couch pillows tossed on the floor, every piece of junk mail thrown, crumpled, and walked on, toddler table lying upside down, 5000 Legos marching towards you ready to strike if you decide to actually walk on the floor, and random wet spots on the carpet - oh and don't forget the crackers and goldfish.
5.) Humming the tune to Disney's Robin Hood intro for the entertainment of your toddler.
6.) Smelling the 4th dirty diaper of the day...what are you eating kid?
7.) Being unable to watch anything on TV that isn't a cartoon or have some overly perky adult smiling and telling you about how great it is to read!
8.) The thought of a shower has now become a luxury. I.e. it holds the same joy as going out with the girls.
9.) You have that "one" movie that you save for those times when you don't think you can stand another second...ours is Disney's Robin Hood. I use it day it may not work!
10.) Both you and your critter for some reason have no pants on...apparently putting pants on anyone today is too much work.

Yes, that is today alright. Hayden is getting a cold or something. Argh. Running nose, low-grade fever, and cough. And no nap today. :( I miss nap time. I need a nap too.

I hope that snot filled kiss does not get me sick. That will definitely not be good. soon as hubby gets home, I'm hopping into the shower for some much needed "Me" time.

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Anonymous said...

The snot kisses are disgusting the no pants thing is hilarious! Thanks for making my day as always with this crazy blog.