Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Thursday

Yes! It's almost Friday!!! Some days I wonder what I did all day...I'm sure Mark does too when he comes home to a crazy looking wife (with no pants on), messy house, and hyper toddler (with no pants on). So I decided to write it all down today. Feel free to ignore this post, mostly for me, unless of course you're extremely interested in the boring details of my life.

7-something: Hear Mark getting ready for work. Slept on the couch for the millionth time due to extreme hotness and need for a fan to cool me off!

7-something-later: Mark gives a kiss good-bye. I say something along the lines of "bye, wuv u" and roll over.

7:50: Stirrings can be heard from Hayden's room. No big cries, so I figure I can sneak a few more minutes of sleep.

7:58: Hayden is not fooled by my quietness...he knows I'm out there. Cries louder so I slowly manage to roll off the couch and go heat up his milk.

8:00: Give Hayden his milk while I change his diaper. He hates that today because his nose is stuffy and he can't breathe, drink milk, and lie on his back all at once. Fights the diaper change.

8:05: Curious George arrives on the TV, I pretend to sleep.

8:30: Breakfast time for Hayden. He's being picky this morning and chooses the leftover goldfish on the floor over bananas. Administer cough medicine.

8:40: Turn on the laptop. Chat awhile about mommy stuff and read all my mommy blogs. Random diaper changes throughout.

9:45: Remember I haven't eaten breakfast. Go heat up oatmeal in the microwave.

10:00: Remember oatmeal is still in the microwave. Go get oatmeal...put in way too much brown sugar. Tried to share with Hayden...he spits it out. Must be the brown sugar...

10:12: Hayden decides bananas might not be poisoned...eats one slice. Still not motivated to move...time to change channel from PBS to something more adult...put on The View so I can be annoyed out of my mind by their crazy out-of-touch opinions on America. Let's get real ladies, none of you are hurting for cash, and if you push one more designer product I swear I'm gonna change the channel for 5 whole minutes. Beats watching PBS or court tv though.

10:18: Cannot finish oatmeal...disaster with too much brown sugar. Took prenatal vitamin (so there Mark! I did remember today). Feel Hayden's forehead...fever. Give the tylenol and cuddle.

10:45: Hayden seems content playing "in" the lego box. Like, literally sitting in. So I sneak off to put clean dishes away. Almost make it through that task before Hayden comes over to show his disapproval of my use of "playtime". Whines while I clean half the sink (with baking soda! makes the stainless steel really shine). Decide to wait on the dishes until he starts eating lunch.

11:00: Start making Hayden's lunch. Use this excuse of being in the kitchen to do some dishes. Hayden doesn't seem to notice...things get quiet. Uh Oh. See Hayden whiz by with the Swiffer. Damn that boy loves cleaning supplies. Decide to let the Swiffer theft go for the moment, maybe I can get some more dishes done. Quick glance tells me that if I don't get the Swiffer, I will have no more glass objects in the house. Take the Swiffer despite huge toddler protests. Trade for the child play broom we bought him last weekend. Trade seems satisfactory. I go back to dishes. Broom loses his interest, new idea - let's sit in between Mommy's legs while she does dishes. I allow this because, well, at least he's not whining. Cuddles on my leg. I now compare having a toddler to having a cat - just bigger. :P

11:20: Lunch is served...for Hayden. Hayden requests to eat lunch with both his blanket and the broom. Request denied. Very little protest...I'm surprised. Back to dishes...still have the nasty hard ones...thinking of leaving this for later but who am I kidding - I'll be more tired later. Get up and do dishes.

11:37: Hayden finishes lunch. I stop at hard crusted dish that needs to soak. Change diaper again before naptime, and allow a few more minutes of playtime for Hayden. Clean up high chair. Put in a load of Hayden's laundry since there were no more pajamas..kid has too many clothes. See a random refrigerator magnet fall into the washer. Dig it out and look for more - must start watching what is in the hamper - next time it might be my cellphone. Hayden starts whining and carrying around his that he has let the broom go it's time for a nap!

11:55: Hmmm...what should I eat for lunch? Need to take out chicken for our dinner and a meal I'm making for a friend. Decide on macaroni and cheese. While the water boils, I put away pillows/blanket from sleeping on couch and pick up all of Hayden's toys in the living room (why, I don't know, they'll all be back out this afternoon), and remember to spray carpet foam on a bad stain in the living room. Jumping for joy at doing this, since it has taken me 6 months to remember to do it during Hayden's nap time. Proceed to step in carpet foam no less than 3 times - belly is to large to afford proper vision of feet. Oh yeah, also dig banana pieces out of carpet - yay! This could be prevented if I wasn't so lazy and allowed Hayden to eat in breakfast in the living room instead of his high chair. I realize I contribute to my own insanity.

12:12: Still waiting on that boiling water, time to fold towels left in the dryer. Hear on the news that Home Depot is closing 15 stores. Part of me is happy (I know I'm evil). I'm sick of seeing Home Depots on every corner (we have 3 within 10 miles of us) taunting me with it's jeers about what a crappy home improver I am. I never could understand how they could have enough business to support the dozens of Home Depots just in our town. Apparently, our need to buy gas and groceries at outrageous prices has trumped our need for new tile and shiny screws (metal ones that is). Still feel a bit bad about the job losses. One of the closings was in Kentucky - they need all the jobs they can get. My parent's town has suffered over the last 20 years because all the factory jobs were moved overseas. A store like Home Depot can make or break a small town on the job front.

12:20: Move over Hayden's clothes for drying. Found no more refrigerator magnets, good. Put in another load of towels, give Mark a fresh towel - poor man, we were out of clean towels, he must love me. Came back to rest a second - step in carpet foam again. Beeper goes off for macaroni - step in carpet foam again. Make macaroni and cheese - come back to let cool - step in carpet foam again. Wonder if foot will have strange rash/reaction to over exposure to carpet foam. Hmmm...same foot each time too. My poor left foot! Just thinking about it makes it itch - I should go wash it off.

12:45: Time to eat macaroni and cheese - hopefully I can avoid the carpet foam. HEB brand mac-n-cheese does not compare to Kraft...sorry. Bleh. Will still eat nasty mac-n-cheese though. Random belly pains tells me my work for today is done...or at least on hold. Time to take it easy. Maybe a nap.

2:08: Hayden is stirring - not sure if that means nap time is over. No crying or talking yet. Got about an hour of laying down. Of course, the phone would ring during this time. Decided to choose rest over going to see who it was. They leave no message - this rules out relatives. They didn't call my cellphone - that leaves out most friends. Must go reset dryer to "freshen up" since it stopped during the last hour. Phone call was unknown number - telemarketer probably. Put up the left over macaroni and cheese, leave pot to soak, and get out some snacks/drink in anticipation of Hayden waking up.

2:35: Time to get the critter up and fold laundry. While folding laundry, I observe the following...dirty diaper needs changing, cough, and wheezing. Looks like a breathing treatment is in order. Decide to finish up folding laundry, then take care of these things. Again...this kid has too many clothes. Hayden decides to "help" by knocking my piles of folded clothes on the floor and throwing bibs around. Finally, get all the clothes folded and put away. First things first, diaper change. Then I grabbed the cough medicine. Hayden pretends to be cooperative by opening his mouth, but then spits it all out on his shirt, sock, and the carpet. Is there a reason cough medicine needs to be red? Obvious he got none of that dose, go back for another dose, less a small amount I figured got left in his mouth. Hayden runs around the couch 3 times trying to get away. I end up holding him down on the floor, he screams while I shove medicine in. Hold him down until I'm sure it's swallowed. Go and grab the carpet cleaner, but get red medicine out of carpet before it stains - our carpet is bad enough. Dig out the double team medicine for nebulizer - pulmicort and xopenex. Get margo moo (the nebulizer shaped like a cow) out and fill her up. Try to get Hayden to stay still enough to finish breathing treatment, while also not breathing in the crap myself. A job usually reserved for Mark while I'm preggo since breathing in that stuff is a no no, but wheezing is wheezing and that needs to be taken care of right away. Hopefully Corbin won't mind, practically strained my neck trying to avoid medicine.

3:40: Finished most of the medicine, but didn't get through it all - Hayden was too fussy to continue. Begin brainstorming about what I need to get done. I need drop off a meal at 5:30, which means I need to leave here around 5:15, so I need to start cooking around 4:30. Ok 45 minutes to rest, maybe get a snack! Oh and I need to get dressed too...haha. And Hayden could use some clothes too.

4:04: I can't find the remote...decide to vacuum up dried carpet foam - supposedly this will make the stain go away. Complete crap, stain is still there. Maybe I'll do it again in 6 months and next time scrub harder. Hayden turns on the vacuum while I am plugging it in - scares the crap out of himself. Decide that this will be the last time I vacuum until after Corbin arrives. Vacuum is much too heavy at this point. Random belly pains reappear. Bah.

4:18: Found the was having a secret affair with my cellphone under the couch. Apparently, Hayden has been covering for them.

4:25: Realize I don't have a key ingredient for what I was supposed to make tonight. Kick myself and come up with something new to cook. This will put me slightly behind schedule. Need 15 extra minutes to marinade.

4:31: Oh Dang...I just realize Hayden's favorite morning PBS shows are on in the afternoon on the PBS 2 station...maybe I can get through those hellish afternoons. Super Why is on!! I hope I don't abuse this new found information. Although, now I can cook without major whining.

4:40: Crazily began cooking BBQ chicken, summer squash, and mash potatoes while also entertaining toddler and getting us both dressed.

5:30: Load up the car with food and Hayden. Well chase Hayden around the yard trying to get him into the car. Eventually have success. Take the toll road because I don't want to deal with traffic...feel guilty. Drop off food and head back home. Almost avoid toll road, but change my mind when I hear Hayden wheezing. Taking the toll road makes an hour roundtrip drive into a 20 minute drive. Need to get Hayden back home.

6:00: Now need to start our dinner. Decide to make the same thing since I don't want to clean pots, haha. Marinate chicken in the rest of the sauce. Hayden is getting very grumpy and wheezing more. He needs another breathing treatment, but this time I think I'll wait for Mark to do it. No way for me to make dinner and do a treatment.

6:10: Call Mark to get his ETA. Hasn't left work yet. :( The day is starting to catch up to me, wish he was on his way home already. Hayden starts crying, he just wants to be held and cuddle - it's obvious he doesn't feel well at all. Throw the chicken in the skillet, and sit down with Hayden. Snuggle with him until I'm sure the chicken is about to burn, go flip chicken. Hayden drools red gatorade on my white seems to be the stain theme of the day.

6:45ish: Mark gets home. Good. Hear stories from the day at work. Glad I'm not working, I don't think I would put up with people very well anymore. Now that Mark's home I can cook dinner without setting the house on fire. Inform Mark that Hayden needs a treatment. We decide to do the treatment before feeding him dinner.

7:00: Dinner's ready, but will wait to eat until the treatment is over. This is a long treatment (over 30 minutes) because of the 2 medicines. Don't want to distract Hayden with food while his getting his medicine. Throw on Robin Hood to keep him happy.

7:06: Get an email saying my dropped off meal was yummy. Yay!! I can't wait to have some, haha...still waiting for me in the kitchen. Sitting at laptop dreaming of what I'll do when Hayden goes down for the night. Also wondering if I should take him to the doctor tomorrow to get his ears checked - don't want this to develop into an ear infection over the weekend. Supposed to go to lunch tomorrow - might have to cancel if a doctor visit is needed. :( Bah this illness is canceling my plans left and right. Today was supposed to be a fun scrapbooking day with a friend - but not with a sick, contagious toddler to get her kid sick. I hope tomorrow is day 1 of recovery, not day 3 of illness.

7:25: Treatment is over. I feel Hayden dinner while we all watch Robin Hood. Grab dinner plates for Mark and I, we scarf down cold dinner.

7:55: Kitchen is a disaster once again - I see my day starting all over already. Too tired to do dishes tonight, will leave them for tomorrow.

8:00: Watch Mark fight with Hayden to give him Tylenol. Hayden's angry at the injustice of it all! Craving for dessert sets in...unfortunately we have no sweets in the house. =( Getting idea to send Mark out for chocolate - I'm sure he'll never go for it though. Can't hurt to try.

8:08: Hayden's still wheezing. :( Decided to do another breathing treatment. Fever is 102, hopefully it will go down now that he's had Tylenol. Will have to check on him in 4 hours when the Tylenol wears off. I hope he's feeling better tomorrow and not worse. Mark puts Hayden down for bed.

8:31: Mention my craving to Mark - he completely ignores me...thanks honey. (He will redeem himself to this preggo later in this post).

Okay, the rest of the night will probably be either spent watching TV or playing WoW with the hubby. Ended with me reading before bed. So yeah, that's what I do on a Thursday.

Update: I mention my immense craving again and am able to convince him of my need. SCORE!! Yum yum.


lindi said...

I hope you enjoyed those donuts!

LeftyMama said...

OMG! This is a great post. It's amazing how the time can just slip away in those little 5-10 minute chunks of keeping up with a toddler all day. Add being pregnant and a nasty cold for the little one, and I'm impressed you got half of all that stuff done. Making TWO dinners from scratch?! You're my hero!

Hope you don't mind getting a casserole or two from me when Corbin comes.... What's your favorite?