Sunday, May 18, 2008


So now that the baby shower is over, it's finally setting in that Corbin is coming...soon. With a due date of July 3rd, that gives me 6 weeks and 5 days or 47 days to get everything ready. And I should technically try to be done by 3 weeks and 5 days or 26 days, since Hayden in fact came around 37 weeks, not 40 weeks.

My "To Do" list:

  1. Clean our bedroom to make room for Corbin. We currently don't have enough room in the house for everyone to have their own room, so for now, Corbin will be "rooming" with us.
  2. Set up the pack-n-play that Corbin will be using to sleep in.
  3. Clean out the 3-drawer dresser in the closet so I can have a place to put clothes for Corbin. Currently my clothes occupy this.
  4. Pack the "birthing" bag full of goodies for the big day. I also need to review what it is I need to bring as well. The birthing center has a longer list of needs than a hospital.
  5. Pick out the "first" outfit for Corbin. I.e. what he will wear on the 15 minute drive home.
  6. Make arrangements for Hayden during Corbin's birth.
  7. Continue making the house look "presentable" for when relatives start arriving.
  8. Watch the "Ergo" baby carrier DVD so I can make sure I'm using it right!
  9. Clean out the Explorer
  10. Put the infant car seat back in the Explorer
  11. Buy and put batteries in all the swings/infant seats/mobiles etc.
  12. Put together infant bouncer seat
  13. Set up swing...somewhere
  14. Get my mother's day gift of a spa pregnancy massage and pedi while I am in fact still pregnant.
  15. Breathe....
Well that's a quick off the top of my head list. But I think that's enough for now. I hope in the coming weeks I will be posting about the completion of these tasks, not the procrastination of them!

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