Monday, May 19, 2008

Multi Tasking

My brain, as you probably are all noticing, is quite foggy lately. I'll be going to the pantry to get...uh...something...when I realize what I really wanted to do was move the laundry. I'll head to Hayden's room, only to realize that I actually need to use the bathroom...which is across the hall, not in fact IN Hayden's room. So multitasking lately leaves my brain short circuiting. I was feel the brain strain this morning when I took note of the things I was trying to do simultaneously:

I was boiling water for lunch, while drying and putting away dishes, while pulling out bread to defrost, and oh yeah pull out chicken to defrost for the two meals I'm making tonight, while heating up Hayden's lunch in the microwave, while pouring diced apples into a bowl for Hayden, while pulling out string cheese for Hayden (also thinking to myself that I should serve some cheese for the toddler guests coming over tomorrow), while noticing the trash is full and I need a new bag, while trading my fetal heartbeat monitor for a toy car more appropriate to play with, while noticing the washer stopped and moving clothes to the dryer, while wiping off Hayden's high chair, while stopping Hayden, unsuccessfully, from turning off the laptop, while pouring the macaroni into the boiling water, while filling up Hayden's sippy cup, then cutting up Hayden's chicken, while soothing Hayden's impatient cries for food, then putting Hayden up in the high chair and bringing over all his food, while pouring in milk and butter and making my lunch (if you can call mac-n-cheese lunch), while GOING CRAZY.

Hehehehe. No wonder I kept opening the pantry door to look for laundry.

P.S. Another reason I think I'm a slow learner: My husband is a genius. So I'm watching him dry dishes this weekend and as he dries the dishes he makes little piles of dry dishes on the counter. Ah hah! All my life I've been putting away each dry dish one at a time. No wonder it takes so long and I hate it so much. Dry all, THEN put away...the light bulb is dim, but it is on.

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