Friday, May 2, 2008


Hayden seems to be doing much better this morning. Fever is down a bit, no coughing, and barely any wheezing. We did another treatment this morning. Little guy seems very much improved mood wise, he's been running around, playing, and babbling up a storm.

But, alas, my lunch plans got canceled anyway. I just can't win this week. At least it's Friday.

Hayden's new found health has led to him being a complete troublemaker this morning. Anything and everything he can get into he has. Trying to go upstairs, hiding in our room behind our bed, wandering around in Daddy's shoes, getting stuck under the chair in the living room, getting stuck in the corner behind the lamp, shaking the lamp trying to make it fall over, and who knows what else today, it's only 11:16am. Nap time can't come soon enough!

Despite all that though, I'd put up with any amount of troublemaking just to see that he's feeling better!

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