Thursday, May 8, 2008

Slowing Down

Time management. Not an area I've ever had any skill in, unfortunately. And now with the reality of two kids on the horizon, I feel like it's something I should get better at.

Saying No. Also, not an area I have any skill in. Seems like this skill is crucial to time management.

Prioritizing. Again, I suck at this. Which is probably why I have trouble A.) with time management and B.) Saying no.

And I'm sure there are a million my contributors to my time management demise.

How do you decide what things you can and can't fit into your schedule/life? How do you deal with the guilt of not being able to do all things for all people/groups? How do you ignore the criticism of those that disagree with your choices?

How do you reconcile what you want to do with what you actually have energy to do?

I'm serious...for those who excel at this time management stuff...what's your secret?


Anonymous said...

That is an excellent question. If you ever find the answer to that... please let me know. I excel at certain things but time management and prioritzation I suck at. Obviously I can't seem to see the forest for the trees with my silly decisions to move.

I wonder if it could be mathematically derived like pursing the optimal path of least resistance while maintaining a linear curve toward pursuit of ultimate equilibrium of happiness.? Maybe I should stop with the caffeine.

Anonymous said...

Time Management is over-rated,lol

Shelley said...

I seem to have the Barney theme in my head, but have changed the words to "You help me, I'll help you, We'll find the highlighters and paint Hayden, too!" OK, so some organization I've found to work are checklists - marked off when complete with favorite highlighter color(s) - with somewhat firm deadlines. And if it doesn't include some kind of group effort, well heck...what good is it??? Love ya. Call me and come by when you need an outing.