Thursday, May 15, 2008

Adventures in Closet Land

Last night Ms. Jenny joined us for dinner. I made really ugly quesadillas, but she ate them anyway. But in my defense, she brought hard-as-bricks cookies, so I think we were equally matched on the food front. I'm so glad she took all the cookies home because I would probably be munching on them right now if she hadn't!! I don't need any help on the weight gaining front, thanks!

Hayden was super happy to have a visitor! He showed off his new ball throwing technique. Imagine an Olympic discus thrower. He's got the spin down! This, of course, meant that he was not interested in going to bed at 8pm. He was way to wound up to even think about being tired! But we finally did get him to bed around 8:30pm.

We're just about to relax and enjoy some adult time when Super Nanny is interrupted by a weather announcement. Tornado warning and storms head our way. Hmmm...that's no good. But the storm is still about an hour off, so I impatiently wait for Super Nanny to come back on. But it never does!! Argh, they sit there and show us those same graphs for 30 minutes. Yes, I get it, storms, possible tornado activity, yes I understand. I must get back to Super Nanny!! This episode looked good. These parents are insane! But no, it never does.

Finally the storm looks to be about 15 minutes off. We start to hear major rumbles of thunder. So we decide we should retreat to the one area of our house that has no outside walls - our bedroom closet. I dig out a ton of crap - wow our closet was messy - and make a little "nest" for us. I get a bottled water, a sippy cup of water for Hayden, some goldfish, a few toys, a blanket and some pillows, and the laptop. At the last possible minute, we go grab Hayden - he's passed out. We lay him down on the blankets, where snoozes for all of 5 minutes. The hail started coming down really hard, then his little head pops up! Where are we? We're in the closet! Yay! Hayden has recently discovered the wonder of hiding behind the clothes in the closet, it's become his favorite hiding place. So he immediately dives in behind the clothes, all giggles. Playtime! Ah, so much for sleeping.

Trying to fit Mark, a fidgeting baby, and a 33 week preggo in a closet - HA! It was cramped to say the least. And it was hot! Ugh. But the storm blew through in about 20 minutes, so it was bearable. Supposedly our area got 2-3 inch hail, but we never made it outside in time to see the hail before it melted. Hayden went back to bed surprisingly well. Just a little midnight playtime!

Mark looked around the house after the storm, but didn't see any damage. Of course it was dark. And I haven't made it outside yet today. My Explorer already has hail damage from a storm we got caught in a month after we bought it! So a few more dents probably won't stand out. Who knows? Maybe we'll get the dents fixed this time!

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