Monday, May 5, 2008

Why do these things seem to happen to me?

So for over a year now I've been trying to figure things out at home - as in, how does one live and survive as a SAHM (stay at home mom). I run across an inspiring website for getting my butt organized: FlyLady

It seems interesting, so why not, I'll give it a try. Basically, they break lots of stuff down into baby steps and try to encourage and motivate you with gobs of emails, etc.

Day #1 (which happened to be today, I must start things on Mondays cause I'm anal like that) all you had to do was clean your kitchen sink! Make it shine they say. So part of that was a disinfecting process where you fill your sink up with hot water and 1 cup of bleach and let sit for an hour. Simple enough. Right.

I, of course, start this process right before I leave for a yummy lunch with Jenny. A side note: lunch rocked. We went to Midori and I had the most fabulous roll ever, the Midori Boca Raton roll. I could have eaten 10 of these rolls they were so good!!!!! It's deep fried roll of smoked salmon, crab, cream cheese, with Masago, and scallions with a spicy sauce on top. So yummy!! Sorry I ate most of it Jenny - next time we'll get 2! Anywho...

I come back home to a wonderful bleach smell, yuck. Before I go into the kitchen I lay Hayden down for a nap. I then head into the kitchen to continue my sink shining task of the day! And, uh, what the heck??!!!!!! There is water everywhere and about 1/3 of the sink water is gone. Oh my goodness, don't tell me our sink is leaking!!! I throw open the cabinet underneath to find all my cleaning supplies swimming around enjoying the new lake I've made for them. I just have to thank God that Hayden is napping during all of this - that's the one good thing. I can't imagine the craziness that would have ensued had he been awake. I can see him now playing in bleach water, drinking cleaning supplies!!!

So of course, I pull everything out and dry the already long suffering cabinet (we've had leaks before). Then I get to the task of finding the leak. I assume it's a pipe leak, or a seal, or the garbage disposal, something like that. I feel around...dry...dry..dry. Hmmm...Okay, well maybe it dried off, so let me fill the sink again and watch. All the pipes, seals, stay dry, but wait...drip drip drip... Okay people!!! My sink is leaking!!! No, not the pipes, or seals, or any of that. The actual sink BASIN. Water is leaching through the stainless steel sink basin. I guess there must be a crack or something, but the water leak is definitely not near any seal or pipe, but right where the flat part of the sink begins to curve upward. The reason we had never noticed this before, is that I never fill the sink basin up with water. I usually just run the hot water if I'm washing, or use the dishwasher. I don't ever fill up the sink. I have NEVER heard of this...stainless steel leaking??!!

This is even worse of a problem than a leaky pipe. A pipe you can fix, seal, replace, tighten, whatever. But a whole sink? Lowes here I come.

And that brings me to my next dilemma...what kind of sink do I want? Well, I for sure know what kind of sinks I like, however, none of those go with our 1980s speckled beige formica counter tops. I casually mention to Mark that if we're going to get a new sink, we should just get a whole new kitchen!!! Because if I'm gonna replace the sink, I should get counter tops to match, and those counter tops should be matched to my nice new cabinets too! Maybe we'll put in new tile too! I already have it all planned in my head as I talk to Mark. Mark's response, "Hahaha yeah yeah". I'm assuming that's a no.

Well in that case, I guess I'll just get the 64 buck stainless steel one, thanks! Of course I know nothing about sinks. Like what size? And we have a water filter faucet in addition to the regular faucet, do I have to drill a hole out for that? It was already there when we moved in. Argh. Why do these things seem to happen to me? Has anyone else ever had their stainless steel sink leak?

I called my parents to ask and they thought I was a nutball. I'm sure they are talking about me right now, laughing that I don't know how to find a leak in the seal of the sink or pipe or whatever. NO NO NO, I swear, it's coming from the sink basin!! I'm not an idiot, I can *see* where water is leaking from and there are no pipes or seals in this area. It's also above the pipes, so it's not an issue of water draining down from a pipe. So unless the laws of gravity have reversed, I may have the first known case of leaking stainless steel. Okay, just because I couldn't find anything about it after Googling for 5 minutes doesn't make it impossible, but definitely not normal!

So yes, as we speak, my cleaning products are sitting in the kitchen drying out, I have the door open and the fan running to de-bleach smell my house, and my so-called "simple" task for today has turned into a fiasco. On top of that, I can't finish my task. And now I'm asking myself why I would want to since I'm obviously getting a new sink now. Why shine up the old one?


Shelley said...

Awe pooh! Sorry about the sink. Let's celebrate the new sink with a Midori Boca Raton roll!! I'm in.... call me!

LeftyMama said...

Alright, I've checked out FlyLady, and I'm intrigued. I am signing up for the emails (10 per day??? Trembling...) and plan to give her system a try. Maybe I can get myself (and the house) whipped into shape before I rejoin the 9-to-5ers at the end of summer.