Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hayden's Toddler Review

Now that Hayden is 18 months old he has really started taking an interest in crayons - and not just for eating, although that happens too. Here are the things I've noticed with traditional crayons:

1.) Hayden occasionally eats them or the paper
2.) Hayden easily breaks the crayons in half or even more
3.) The crayons are not always easy for Hayden to hold
4.) His "drawings" are always really light, I guess because he can't hold the crayon with enough pressure.
5.) Crayon bits get crushed into his chair, etc.

This weekend while Mark and I were perusing the aisle of Wal-mart I found something that solves all of these issues:


These are awesome! He did "sample" the crayon top, but at least he can only eat a little of it and not half a crayon. There were no crayon bits everywhere and no broken crayons. He was able to hold the crayon and apply enough pressure to make darker marks on the paper. And he seemed to have better control over his "drawing".

This is definitely something I'd recommend to other toddler mommies.

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