Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Raining Day

I woke up this morning to the sounds of thunder and plenty of rain pouring down. My favorite! I love these raining days.

Many of you have been asking about what FlyLady is. I linked it in my previous post last week, but I know you all are too busy to read ALL of these incredibly long and boring posts. HA!

One of my least favorite things is definitely laundry. I HATE folding and putting away laundry. Which is probably why it piles up undone, or sits in the dryer waiting for me. However, FlyLady has actually helped me in this area!!! It's wonderful. Growing up, we always did all the laundry in one day, in a huge laundry marathon. It stunk. And I've still been thinking that's the way it needs to be done to do it "right". But I have learned a new way. Every morning I throw in ONE load and I fold the dry load from yesterday. That way I only have to fold 1 load of laundry every day. And in a week's time that's 7 loads of laundry. Now unless you have a family of 5 or something, I believe that I can get all the laundry done in 7 loads! And no marathon laundry day. I spend only 15 minutes on laundry each day!! It rocks. And some days are much easier than others - like when I only have to fold a load of towels like today! Anywho, I'm sure the rest of the world has figured this out and I'm the only slow one. But I know now!! And I'm never going back to the laundry marathon.

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Anonymous said...

I love rainy days too! Although I will say that the thunder shook the house and woke me up...I'm surprised I didn't wet the bed hehehe.

I hate laundry too! I have actually gotten to where I do it over 2 days time. I try to do the 3-4 loads a day in those two days...what makes it easiest for me is #1 I bring a basket and #2 I bring the hangers over to the dryer (we have a metal rack to hang things on). As soon as the dryer buzzes, I go over to it, fold the clothes and put them in the basket, then hang up whatever on the hangers that are RIGHT THERE and put them on the rack. Somehow it makes me not dread it as much if I do it when the clothes and such are fresh out of the dryer and don't have to be toted into the livingroom or bedroom undone. =)