Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Preggo Acrobatics

Today was another prenatal appointment. I have another in two weeks, then we start the every week appointments. I guess that means I'm REALLY pregnant. Hehehe.

Last week at the ultrasound we found out that Corbin is head up. For all you preggo-ignorant, that's what we call breech. Babies need to come out head first, not feet or butt first. Right now Corbin's head is up, not down. That's no good. So today I got a worksheet of "exercises" to get him to turn. Some of the crazy poses I'll be doing daily:

  • Lying at an incline (head down) on an ironing board. HA! Luckily Mark purchased the "Total Gym" that can be used instead of massacring my cheap ironing board.
  • Sticking tons of pillows under my butt, so my butt is up and my head is down.
  • An all-fours position with my butt in the air...hehe.

Other methods include:

  • Putting a cold ice pack on the top of my stomach and a heating pad on the bottom of my stomach. I guess this is the "let's make the baby uncomfortable" method.
  • Using a flashlight on the bottom of my belly - AKA the "Where's that light coming from?" method.
  • Having Mark talk to the baby near the bottom of my stomach - AKA the "What did you say? I can't hear you all the way up here" method.

So the next time you iron or use a flashlight - think of us! HA!

Oh and in super news. Our friends had their little boy yesterday morning!!! That means we're next!

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Anonymous said...

Since I'm coming over tonight, I would like to see some of these "exercises" in action please. Hehehe.