Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Friday

Yay! It's Friday - my favorite day. I'm definitely looking forward to this weekend. Not because I have any plans, but because I DON'T have plans! Hahaha. Which means we can do whatever we want without having to worry about what time it is or what time we need to get back to the house or whatever. Hopefully, we'll take advantage of that and actually do something fun and not just sit around the house all day.

I think Saturday I'll pull out the wading pool and other water toys I bought for Hayden and let him have fun playing in the water! Yesterday we visited a friend and Hayden got to play in the water with his little friend. They had such a good time! Hehe, he still smells like sunscreen. I just need a giant wading pool to put myself in, haha.

I realize now that for Mother's day I should have asked for a day off!! Haha. Now that's a gift. Of course, I probably wouldn't know what to do with myself anyway. If Mark's home, I'd rather spend time with him and Hayden then be anywhere else. Although my Mommy brain is fried. I kind of think that's gonna be permanent. HA!

Yesterday we had another ultrasound. We saw that Corbin has lots of hair! And cute chubby cheeks. His kidney cysts didn't grow much, which is good news. The smaller cyst didn't really grow at all. We have an appointment with the specialists on Monday. I assume this will just be a consultation, since everything they need to do will happen after Corbin is born. My only dread is the whole conversation about how we plan to deliver Hayden at the birthing center and not with a doctor. Most doctors are not approving of this and we get the "weirdo" look. But our Dr. who performs Corbin's ultrasounds said there is no reason why we can't deliver at the birthing center because this issue is not life threatening to Corbin during delivery. It's more an issue of after he's born he needs to be started on antibiotics as a precaution against kidney infections and get tests done to see what can be done. I pray that the doctors will be understanding and supportive of our choice to have Corbin at the birthing center.

We also found out that Corbin has decided to flip again so that his head is up now!! He was perfectly positioned last time with his head down, but alas, he didn't stay that way. He has two weeks to get back down, or we're in trouble! I can tell this child will be my little trouble-maker. Haha. I don't think I can have Corbin at the birthing center if he's breech. So little guy, you MUST flip back down in the next two weeks. I think I'm gonna start looking up exercises to do to get him to turn.

Oooh, and the books I ordered from Amazon shipped today! I'm so excited. Most are child/toddler books, but I also got a digital photography book for me!!! It's something I've been interested in learning for awhile. And granted, I don't have a nice camera (yet), but there's no reason I can't start learning. So they should get here by May 12th.

And in Hayden news...I hear this sucking noise, look to see what he's doing, and uh, yeah, he's sucking on the handle of the toilet brush. Luckily for him, I haven't used it yet, it's new. But still. ACK! He's also been rearranging my entire house...things that go in the living room are in the dining room, things in his bedroom that go in the bathroom...he's a little "collector". Right now he's walking around the living room with the lid to his toy box on his head. His also become a big kisser - but with hazards. The first kiss is usually sweet, but then he goes in for a nose crunching, head bashing death kiss. Ow! And poor Mark got licked instead of kissed this morning. We must work on this.

I hope you all enjoy your weekends!!

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