Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Shower - The Aftermath

Take one very pregnant "Me"
(note the pic is from Hayden's dedication last week so I might be even bigger now)

A bunch of my wild and crazy friends

And you get...


**Disclaimer: It's come to my attention that a few folks were accidentally left off the invite list. This was definitely a mistake, and I'm sorry to anyone that didn't receive an invite! You are loved!!! To look on the bright-side I probably saved you 5 lbs because the cake and food was just THAT good. Yum. So feel skinny and proud!

I don't yet have the pics from the shower (my wonderful friend Shannon took pics for me so I'll be getting those soon). But I do have pics of the aftermath that was my living room after unloading the car!!!

We were blessed with diapers, wipes, cute clothes, gift cards, bath time goodies, candles, bottles, nursing necessities, toys, and even goldfish!! I am blown away by the wonderfulness of my friends. My sweet hostesses got me the ERGO baby carrier!!! My one baby luxury wish!

The cake was adorable...alas I currently only have pics of what happened to the cake after a houseful of hungry women attacked it. I'll have pretty pics of it later:

And of course, I have to show off the cutest diaper cake ever, made by my own awesome friend Shannon (I think you have a business opportunity here!!):

Cute huh?

I even got a wonderful scrapbook page with everyone's congratulations on it! I can't wait to start Corbin's scrapbook.

Speaking of amazing talent, check out this AWESOME cross stitch from my good friend Linda:

Is she talented or what???? Mark and I loved it so much we both said "We can't put this in the kids room - no one will see it!! We need to put it in the living room or main hall so everyone can see how cute this is!! Adorable.

When I got home we unloaded the car and I started showing Mark all of the wonderful gifts. I felt truly pampered! I am set for yummy Starbucks, wonderful Target, and many other awesome stores. It was definitely a Pamper Shower!!!

Of course, Mark fell asleep mid-showing. Partially my fault, because I decided to write out Thank you notes while sorting through all the gifts and showing Mark. I wanted to make sure I had all the gifts straight and nothing was left unthanked! I am so lucky to have such wonderful friends.

And now, I think I will go pass out. It's after midnight! Thank you all for a wonderful day.

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LeftyMama said...

Eek! Sorry I haven't gotten those pics to you yet! It's been a busy week over here, but I did manage to get them off the camera and onto my computer. Tonight I'll work on cropping and other finishing touches, so you can expect a Flickr set coming up by tomorrow.

So glad you had a good time at the shower and like your gifts!

Just remember (in case you have an 11 pounder and can't actually use the newborn and Size 1 diapers), Babies R Us will take unopened returns without a receipt for store credit on anything they sell.