Monday, May 12, 2008


First off, my energy has stayed up for most of the day! I did run into my limitations though when I suggested Mark and I head out for a walk this evening. Yeah, we made it 3 blocks..haha. The belly is getting too heavy to tote around, I start to get cramps. I think it's just from the weight.

We also had the specialist consultation appointment today about Corbin's kidney. The doctor was very nice. There's not much new news, just a waiting game at this point. They need to do an ultrasound once Corbin is born to determine if what we're seeing are cysts or a blockage. Cysts would mean no kidney function. A blockage would mean a possible surgery to attempt to restore some kidney function.

I think I've pretty much come to terms with the situation. Although, I'd love for Corbin to be completely healthy, we can deal with this issue. I'm just so thankful that his other kidney is healthy.

Hayden has the worst of it, we had to wait for the doctor for over an hour. Poor little guy was climbing the walls AND getting hungry. Our appointment was at 4. We got there around 3:40, got called back around 5. Saw the doctor about 5:15 or so. Mark was running around after Hayden the entire time. So maybe it was Mark who really had the worst of it. Even though it was a pediatric urologist office, it was still hard to control an active toddler for that long. I did remember to bring goldfish and pretzels though!

There was another couple there with a 2 day old baby. They also had a toddler at home that was Hayden's age. I tried to ignore the fact that the Mom looked like a zombie! Haha. Although, it was nice to see the baby just quietly sleeping there all that time. It gave me hope. HA! I just need to remember they don't come out running. It takes time to get that active.

I've now retired from the grocery duties. I handed off that responsibility to Mark. Lifting Hayden into that shopping cart has become a bit much. He's a solid little guy, or as our pediatrician says, husky. Although, he's had a growth spurt, so I think he's lost a bit of his huskiness. Right now Mark is doing some late night shopping for us. He's a sweetheart.

I'm hoping to make it to bed early tonight, so maybe I can have 2 days of energy!! Night everyone.

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