Monday, June 2, 2008

Pampered Sunday

Sunday I got to enjoy an afternoon of pure pampering. For Mother's day this year, Mark got me a gift certificate for a pregnancy massage and pedicure at Halina's European Day Spa. Wow! It was great. Minus a quick chair massage I got once for my birthday, I'd never had a massage before! I think I'm addicted. It was wonderful. And I also loved getting my pedi - although I think I could save myself some bucks and go somewhere else for pedicures in the future.

This place was a bit too posh for me to go more than like once a year - but it was a great treat.

In honor of our new "man" arriving soon, I thought I'd infuse the house with a little pink, since I will be surrounded by men now. So I got some hot pink polish! Woot.

I can't recommend this place completely though. I liked the service, the massage, the atmosphere, but...I can't agree with their policies and I think that's a deal breaker. They have a 24 hour cancellation policy, which is fine, except that the penalty for canceling late is that you have to pay for the full service of your appointment. Uh, what? I can understand a 20 buck fee or something - but you want me to pay for it whether I'm there or not? I cannot agree with that. In the life of a Mom, nothing is set in stone. And there may be times that due to illness or whatever, I might need to cancel last minute. A policy like that is just too harsh - I don't feel they are looking out for their customers - who by the way, pay TONS for their services!

But, either way, it was a wonderful afternoon hanging out with my friend enjoying our pampering! I can think of few things better than that!


Anonymous said...

Yup, many places are like that regarding massages, most places require you to even give your credit card over the phone to make the apt, so they can charge you regardless....

Just Me said...

And for a massage...I could even see that. But pedicures too? Especially when I'm dropping 60 bucks on it!!! You've got to be kidding me.

Shelley said...

right?! so, i've been there, too and I agree with you. i know a place you'll like...fancy, but not too fancy, well lit and clean and they make cute little flowers on your big toe if you want. i hook you up, real cheap, yes? ;)