Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crazy First Week

So besides the hectic schedule of taking care of two children, establishing nursing, and the lack of sleep that comes with a newborn, we also get the joy of Dr. appointments.


Hayden, er uh Corbin, is born. Oh I'm a bad mom already...


We get home from the birthing center at 8:30am. We begin making Corbin's Dr. appointments. One with his pediatrician for 9:15am Thursday, and one with the pediatric urologist on July 1st 2:45pm.


We head to the pediatrician. The pediatrician wants to do an ultrasound on Corbin's kidney that day. They schedule the ultrasound for 11:15 am that morning. We rush to Dell Children's for the ultrasound.


We get a call from the pediatrician, she saw the results from the ultrasound and consulted with the pediatric urologist. They want to start Corbin on a month of antibiotics as a precaution against infection. They also want to do some blood tests on Corbin. She asks us to stop by the office to pick up paperwork and then head to the lab to draw blood. We first head to my postpartum checkup at noon, then over to do Corbin's blood work. They take a ton of blood from my little baby. =(

Later that day we get a call from the pediatrician saying his blood sugar was low. Considering my milk hadn't yet come in, this wasn't a big surprise to me. He said to start supplementing with formula. Luckily my milk came in that night. I've have plenty now, so I've been pumping and giving him that in addition to nursing. Although he pretty much gets his fill from nursing. The pediatrician also wants to repeat the blood test on Monday to check his glucose levels again. We're not happy about that. Mark feels it's unnecessary. At this point, I don't feel like arguing with a doctor over it, but I also feel it's unnecessary as long as he's eating and not losing more weight.

We actually get a break for two days since it's the weekend. For once, I'm glad doctors don't work on weekends. Monday we go back in for a weight check on Corbin. I'm praying that his weight has stabilized and is on the mend. We also have to do the blood test again. Then Tuesday it's off to the pediatric urologist, where I'm sure we'll be bombarded with all kinds of new appointments/tests. I think Thursday is our one week checkup at the pediatrician. Then we need to schedule his circumcision. Of course, I also have a two week postpartum checkup, and blah blah blah.

Too many appointments, too much running around. We should be at home enjoying our new baby, not rushing here and there to all these appointments. But what can you do? He has cysts in his kidney (they confirmed this again on the ultrasound last week) and they need to decide on a plan of treatment or non-treatment.

So pray for us this week. Pray that we won't lose our minds with all these appointments. Pray that Corbin starts gaining weight. Pray that our baby stays healthy. Pray that all this poking and prodding will end soon.

Also, a quick note...

Thank you for all the wonderful meals that you've been dropping by to our family. They have been a blessing to our family during this time. We barely have time to shower, let alone cook - and to have all these delicious meals given to our family has lifted a tremendous burden and also brought a smile to our faces when we sit down to eat a real meal. Thank you so much.


Robyn said...

I know you must be tired, because I'm pretty sure it was actually Corbin who was born Tuesday... ;)

It was great to see y'all today, and he's adorable! Praying for your sanity and Corbin's health.

AndreAnna said...

I noticed that too Robyn! :)

Sorry you're going through so much so soon after giving birth - hope you get a break soon.

And yes, people bringing by food was by far one of the best gifts anyone ever brought us when we had a newborn.

Robyn said...

You're not a bad mom until you start calling your kids by the dog's name (and you don't have a dog, so you're safe!). And my mom did that all the time and I still think she's awesome, so even then you may be ok.

Just Me said...

Yeah, my mom would always call me by the dogs name...and I was an only child! Sheesh. :P

Anonymous said...

My aunt and mom start going down the list of children and dogs. So out of my aunt I hear "Kelly...Justin...Jenny...Krissi!!! One of you, come here!!"

Out of my mom I hear "Krissi...Tibbie...Ginger...JENNY!"

Tibbie and Ginger are the DOGS.