Monday, June 9, 2008

Visit is Over!!

So the parents are gone. I breathe a sigh of relief, and the house seems a bit lonelier - company is company, even if they are crazy.

Other classic Mom comments:

"Let me take a picture of Shamu" ~Yes, she was talking about me.

"I didn't hurt your feelings with the Shamu comment did I?" ~No, Mom. I always wanted to be compared to giant orca. Should I jump in the wading pool and do some tricks too?

Hayden will miss all the interaction. Having grandparents to play with him all day is a dream come true. Mom is just toooo boring - and large.

Sunday morning was "exciting" but just for me. Mark came in to bed around 1, which woke me up. I had a lot of trouble going back to sleep after that. As I was laying there, I realized I couldn't sleep because I was having contractions and my back was really hurting. The contractions weren't the super painful labor ones, so I tried just laying there and going back to sleep. If my labor was starting, I probably had quite a few hours of small contractions ahead of me and I should get some rest. After tossing and turning, I decided I would just get up. I didn't wake Mark or my parents like I did with Hayden's labor. I figured, the more sleep they got, the better the day would be. Last time Mark was so tired after having been up with me most of the night.

So about 3:30am I waddled into the kitchen and made a cup of tea. Then I looked of the "what to bring to the birthing center" list and started packing my bag. When I finished that, I sat down and started reading a good suspense novel. The contractions continued until 6:30am when I decided to go lay down again and try to just relax even if I couldn't sleep. But, much to my surprise I fell asleep for about an hour. And when I woke up, the contractions had stopped!

As everyone was getting up, about to get ready for church, I debated on if I should tell them about my morning. Now that the contractions had stopped, I felt kind of silly telling them anything. But, I was paranoid about going to church after what had happened (wouldn't want my water breaking there or anything), so I figured I had to say something. So I told them what had happened - of course everyone looks at you like your a time bomb after that point, which I hate. I hate attention. I almost thought about saying nothing - but I didn't want to chance going to church so soon after having those contractions.

So we stayed home from church, which I felt bad about since Mark was schedule to work and set up. But just didn't know what was going to happen. We tried walking, but the contractions never really came back. Just some irregular contractions here and there. Last night I slept like a rock, and woke up feeling normal again. Maybe Corbin has decided to stay put for awhile. And if that's true, that's ok with me. He can take all the time he needs to be a healthy baby. Although, mentally, I really was calm and prepared for laboring Sunday morning. I hope the next time goes as smoothly. I thought I handled it like a seasoned pro (ok I've only done it once, but whatever).

So no baby yet. But who knows?

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Shelley said...

When I began reading this, I thought for SURE you were going to say Corbin was here...especially when I didn't see you yesterday. ACK! ;) Darn it, not yet. LOL...keep up the healthy baby bakin'. Call if you need anything.