Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Truckin'

Contractions are still going. Mark came home at lunch - we did Taco Bell, haha!

I'm thinking a nice long walk is in order to get things moving along. The contractions are still 6-7 minutes apart. So we're just pokin' along. HA!

But at least they haven't stopped. Not that I think they will at this point. With Hayden's birth, we started "early labor" at 2 am and it didn't get serious until around noon.

But we did walk a lot - too bad it's freakin hot out there! I liked the November weather better for birthing.

Okay, time to talk Mark into talking a hot walk - after this next contraction of course.


Amanda said...

You could always head over to the mall! LOL It would at least be air conditioned. Mall walking to get the baby moving...that would be funny.

Amanda said...

I am thinking that because there have been no updates for like 19 hours now...that you might be having the baby like right now...or have already had him?? :)

LeftyMama said...

News news news please! Inquiring minds wanna know!