Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Another prenatal appointment down! 37 weeks tomorrow - and I'm still the same. So that means I can rest easy (I think) and not worry about the whole labor thing. At this point, I'm ready when he is, but I CAN WAIT! Hahaha. So I'm just gonna keep going about my business, not thinking about the L-word.

Okay enough about that.

Hayden's very whiny today. Or vocal. Or something - but my ears are tired. Haha.

My Mom is still a nut ball. She cannot go a single day without some kind of drama (which she usually makes up) in her life. I don't know why she just can't be content. Since she really only has contact with me, my Grandma, and my Aunt - she always has some perceived injustice that one of us has done. This times a real winner.

My Mom decided not to tell my Grandma that she was coming to visit me. I am assuming this is my Mom's way of "getting back" at my Grandma for times when she didn't tell my Mom about her trips to different places. (I know, this is all stupid). On the way out here, she called my Uncle (her brother) and mentioned to him that they were coming to visit me. When my Grandma called him later that day, he mentioned that they were coming to visit me. She then called me, and I of course confirmed that they were visiting (I had no clue my mom hadn't told her). My Grandma requests that I don't tell my Mom that she knows, she says she'll wait until my Mom wants to tell her. Okay, whatever.

So one might guess that the injustice in this situation was committed by my Mother. But no, not in my Mom's world.

Yesterday I talked to my Grandmother again. So today when I talked to my Mom, she asked if I had talked to my Grandmother. Of course, I said yes. Then she asked me if I told her that they had visited. So I told the truth, that I didn't have to, she had already been told by Uncle R. I am tired of this cloak and daggers game and I didn't want to get caught up in it - so I ended the farce that my Grandmother knew nothing.

This is where her perceived injustice starts. Well! She must be mad at me then, cause she hasn't called me. The frequency of my Grandmothers calls is a constant source for drama. Well if she's not going to call me, then maybe I won't call her.

I would like to call my Grandma and give her a heads up that my Mom knows she knows. But unfortunately she's not home today. So I don't know what kind of crap is going to go down. And I hate being in the middle of it.

This is NOT drama. This not anything. This is stupid. And this is what I deal with all the time. Pretty much every week/day.


Jenny said...

Uhm, can you buy a new family? Geez.

Anonymous said...

If it makes you feel any better, I got a CRAZY CRAZY Father in law. Of course, I say the anonymously, cause I am sissy.

LeftyMama said...

Sounds very much like some of the shenanigans I have in my cuckoo family. Good for you for refusing to play their silly game. SOMEbody has to be the grown-up, right?

Here's an example that stands out for me from my own personal soap opera. I'm standing in the NICU with my drama-queen, "It's all about me, no matter what's going on with you" dad who has made the huge sacrifice of driving 5 hours to come see my fragile, firstborn, preemie son in the hospital (where he lived for 6 wks after I almost perished giving birth to him; he's fine now, but there were a few weeks when we didn't know if he would come home, much less be healthy). My dad says to me, "You know, your step-mom is really sick and you need to come home to see her." I'm all, "Uhh, I think I have my hands pretty full right here for now." WTF????? Some folks can live a long time on this earth and still have no clue.