Monday, June 30, 2008

Life with Two

For all those wondering, yes those are carrots in Hayden's hair. This is how Hayden is coping with the arrival of his little brother. We set all his food out as usual, then start attending to other things, next thing I know, I look over and see Hayden smooshing carrots and macaroni in his hair. He thinks this is great. Looks like bath time!

The next night he proceeds to throw all of his food on my piano (next to his high chair) and on the floor. So now, someone has to sit there with him and make sure he's not coming up with a new way of eating.

Other ways of coping - throwing balls and Legos at his little brother, and trying to climb in Corbin's infant seat, swing, and car seat. He also gets very upset whenever Corbin cries.

Hayden is still sort of ignoring me. =( It hurts, but I understand it's just a phase. I'm glad he's enjoying his Daddy at least. I just miss my little boy. We were at the Dr's office today and I saw a little toddler boy and his Mom and it made me cry. Hayden doesn't even want me to hold him these days. See all the babies clinging to their Moms made me miss having my little munchkin want comfort from me. Lately, he only goes to Mark for that and pulls away from me. Bah! Guess I'll just have to snuggle with Corbin. But Corbin is Corbin, no replacement for my Hayden. I'm starting to understand how you can love two children individually and just as much, yet not the same. They each hold a special place in my heart.

In Corbin news, his weight is up 2.5 ounces - Yay! And they didn't repeat the blood work again. So no extra pokes and prods!! We were really happy about that.

He's been eating like crazy! Practically every hour. Once he hits the week mark I'm going to try and start stretching those times a bit so he eats fuller feedings each time instead of snacking all day. But for now, he can eat all he likes while he's getting the hang of nursing and getting enough calories to gain weight. Last night was really rough. Mark had his weekly shot and needed to sleep to get through the horrible side effects of it. So I had to take the entire night shift with Corbin. Little rascal ate the whole night and took like 20 minute naps in between. I was a zombie obviously. I hope tonight is a little better.

Tomorrow is the pediatric urologist appointment. So I'll know more about what the future will be like then. It could either be filled with appointments, tests, and a surgery...or this could all be over and they'll just watch his kidney function.

I'm not sure which option I'm hoping for. A surgery has the possibility to restore some kidney function, which is a plus. But I'd hate having him go through all that. Just to move on with life and enjoy our baby sounds wonderful, but of course I want him as healthy as possible.

I used to complain about not having time to shower...having two kids means I not only have no time to shower, I generally can't even manage a bathroom break! HA!


Shelley said...

I hope the appointment goes well today. Prayers are definitely up for a good prognosis. I'll take option B with watching, but in the end realizing God just took care of it all. :) Lovelove. Sorry I missed you on Sunday.

LeftyMama said...

Yay! Corbin is already looking so big & alert after only one week. He's clearly a grower and a fighter. I just knew that little guy was gonna turn into a hungry, hungry hippo. Way to go, Mama & Corbin!

An idea for a bathroom break that's worked for me -- not ideal, as there is still no privacy -- is to put a step stool in front of the sink, turn on the water & put some toys in, and then let the toddler splash away while I do my business. In your case, I guess this also means "while holding little snuggler in one arm and attempting to do the post-birthing ow-ie poo with dignity." Good luck with that!

Thanks for using some of your downtime to keep us updated. Thinking of you all....

Just Me said...

Oh the woes of the post-birth owie poo! I like that name. After Hayden, felt like I was delivery another baby...or a Mac truck! This time I got smart and took some stool softeners. Woot! Never thought I'd say that out loud, but hey - we all know I tell it like it is.

Robyn said...

They sent me home with a prescription for stool softeners, and I am grateful. However, the whole post-birth bathroom process was pretty un-fun even with them.

Anonymous said...

This blog can at times act as wonderful birth control :)
A little too late,lol