Thursday, June 26, 2008

Corbin's Arrival Part 1

Since we're pretty busy here around the Zavala household, I thought I'd tell the story in parts - I'm not sure I could finish the whole story in one sitting, HA! Too many kiddos to tend to now. I know, I know only two, but still.

Monday I worked hard to get some labor happening. I walked, we "tangoed", you get the idea.

Tuesday I woke up as usual and started getting Hayden ready for the day when I noticed some "leaking". A typical early labor sign for me, I also did the same with Hayden. Minor contractions started and I blogged throughout the day. HA! Around 4pm I called the birthing center just to check in and give them a heads up. At that point the contractions were still irregular and about 6-7 minutes apart.

The midwife said to come in when they were 5 minutes apart, but also said I could drop by now if I wanted to avoid the evening rush hour. Mark and I decided to try walking. We made it down the block when we decided we were dumb for walking outside in the 100 degree weather. We decided maybe a Walmart trip would be a better idea.

On the way to Walmart the contractions started getting closer together. Not wanting to have a "Walmart Baby", we decided to head to the birthing center instead, just to get checked out. I was pretty curious by that time on how dilated I was.

Midwife found that I was 3-4 centimeters and 80% effaced. She let us stay, although we weren't officially "admitted". She would check on the progress in an hour or so. We got to head to our "room" and were instructed to do some squats leaning back - which I must say is rough on the calves! Tired of "exercising", we decided to do some laps around the parking lots outside. This generally helps the progression of labor.

After about 45 minutes we came back inside and were told some awesome news. Another friend of ours who had a due date right before me was in labor too and down the hall!! We went and "visited" for a sec, then headed back to our room for more "squatting".

The next time the midwife checked (around 7pm) we were 5 cm dilated - which means we could be "officially" admitted! Yay!

My friend and I were now neck and neck, both being 5 cm. The race begins!!

And that's part 1 of the story!!!

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LeftyMama said...

I love this picture with Corbin's little peace sign. Peace back atcha, little dude!