Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Looks like contractions are about 6 1/2 minutes apart, 30 seconds in duration. It's still early and the contractions are still irregular if I change what I'm doing, so I'm thinking tonight or tomorrow for this baby to arrive!

Some sites recommend the rule of 4:1:1 when deciding on when to head to the hospital/birthing center:

4 minutes apart
1 minute long
1 hour at least of contractions

I just finished my first batch of cookies! Yum. Time to eat some oatmeal cookies.


Shelley said...

You are one amazing woman! Blogging, baking cookies AND having a baby. all in a day's work, huh? ;)

Amanda said...

No joke...I haven't even done any of those things today...and I have the potential/ability to do at least 2 of them!