Friday, June 13, 2008

A Day of Unplugged...Sort of

Yesterday I was watching my toddler being mesmerized by the TV and realized he looked like a zombie. Not the "I'm gonna eat your entrails Mom" type zombie, but a catatonic dazed zombie. This can't be good. This kind of passive activity must be harmful. He should be interacting and playing, not being bombarded with TV crap.

So today I turned off the TV. I usually have it going for background noise since it can get kind of lonely here during the day. Or I'll use it while I take a shower or cook for a babysitter. Or if I'm tired we'll just watch TV to entertain us. But not really, daytime TV can't really be considered entertainment. I might throw in a Disney movie for some peace and quiet on the hard days.

But besides Hayden, what is this crap doing to me? I watch this mindless junk and it sucks. All of this crap sucks. Stupid court TV, gameshows, reality TV, it's all dumb. Why do I even have this crap on? Why am I watching this ridiculous dribble? I feel dumber for having watched it.

So today I turned off the TV. But ACK! What does one do with all this damn time now? The day drags without the mindless blaring of ridiculous shows. Even if I wasn't watching, it somehow marked the time. Now there is this silence. This empty mind thing. I think even Hayden is feeling it. Like what should we do now?

We built a fort out of blankets, the couch, and a chair. Hayden thought it was better to do a body flop on top of the blanket then get under it. HA!

We wrestled (his favorite activity).

We wandered around the house.

We looked at books.

We did some dishes.

We did some laundry.

We mostly looked at each other and wondered..what's next?

Crap, without hours and hours taken up - now we have to live life. A real life. Not watch someone else live theirs.

Hmmm...if only it wasn't so hot out, I think I could keep us busy. But this preggo aint leaving the house.

Anyway, so today I turned off the TV, and started the withdrawal.


michael said...

building forts was always fun! glad you guys found ways to pass the time. having some favorite music going on in the background never hurts either!

MZ said...

Crank up the JAMS! You know Hayden loves Bob Marley!!!

Nina said...

I was going to suggest music, but that seems to be the trend. :) I typically have to have some kind of noise...or I would end up taking a lot of naps.

Anonymous said...

Color...paint...playdoh(maybe make some of the edible kind,lol,that way you can let him go to town,lol)...

Just Me said...

Yeah, we had Bob Marley going for most of the day. Then we took a long nap, HA!

I like the play dough idea. I'll have to find a recipe we can eat ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Though in the PB one, I never used the honey,lol....
and in the applesauce one, I never used the glue,lol.

AndreAnna said...

As pregnant as you are (and I am), I'd leave the TV on.

You can live your life when you can get up and down off the floor without passing out.

A few more weeks of TV won't hurt anyone.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you for doing that! I need to find a way to disconnect from the internet more hehe.

Luff youuuu.