Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Middle Ground

Today we had Corbin's urology appointment. As we thought, his left kidney is filled with cysts and there is no good kidney tissue seen. But remarkably, his right kidney has grown to compensate for the extra work. A normal kidney size for a baby his age would be around 35 mm, Corbin's kidney is 53 mm! What a miracle baby. This often happens when only a single kidney is working. God is an awesome creator!

As for the future, they want to do an x-ray of his bladder to check for any complications that might cause kidney problems, as well as testing the kidney function of the cystic kidney. The doctor thinks that there is probably no function, but we will see. Both tests can only be down 46 weeks gestation, which isn't for another 6-8 weeks. So the good news is we won't be rushing around as much for now. Just the normal checkups until then.

In Hayden news, he succeeded in smacking his little brother today while I was nursing. Ack! Corbin didn't seem to mind, but this kind of behavior is not gonna fly. He's been acting out and purposely disobeying us for attention. On the other hand, Hayden is warming up to me. He gave me a kiss today and sat on the couch next to me while we watched his shows. We even played his favorite game of chase. And tonight while we were putting him to bed he reached out to me (even though Mark was right there) to hold him. Yay! I'll have to cherish those little moments, in case he gets mad again tomorrow, HA!

Mark put up a swing just for Hayden in the backyard today. We're hoping that this "big boy" swing will make up for all the baby gear that he can't sit in. He'll get to try it out tomorrow morning, I hope he likes it.

Oh, and for all you parents out there, here's a recall notice for Jardine cribs. Our crib was one of these - ugh. Luckily, we don't have room to put the crib up right now, so it's still sitting disassembled in the garage. After filling out the form, they are going to send us a package telling us how to get a voucher for a new crib. Huh? Ok I just filled out a form so you could send me more forms? Why not just send me the voucher? Hmm. I hope I don't need my receipt, cause that's not something I think I kept. Oh well. Also, they don't make our crib anymore. It's a mint green crib that goes with his changing table, etc. What kind of crib am I going to get with the voucher? I guess we'll see.

Well pray for a good nights sleep for us! So far we haven't had much luck there - but who knows? Maybe tonight is the night!

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