Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Day

So we are slowly finding our way into a routine I think I can live with. Of course, with kids, nothing is set in stone. One week you're up at 7am, the next it's 6:30am.

Not that your interested, but since this is MY blog, I'll post what I please, hehe - here's our schedule:

Mornings usually start somewhere between 7:30am and 8am. I try to nurse Corbin first, since Hayden gets jealous if he doesn't get attention when he wakes up.

Once Corbin has finished eating, I head downstairs to heat up Hayden's milk and then go in to get Hayden (who by this time has probably been up for at least an hour and playing around in his bed). I do a quick diaper change while he drinks his milk from his sippy and then I pick out the clothes for the day. He usually runs out of the room before I can put any clothes on him.

By this point Corbin is usually tired of sitting alone in his infant seat, so I move him to the floor on his blanket for some tummy time. I throw on the CD player for some music - first his Old MacDonald CD, then Bob Marley of course. Hayden heads with me to the kitchen where I make his yogurt/rice cereal breakfast. All three of us then hang out in the living room, while I feed Hayden. Hayden likes to eat a bite, play with his toys, come back for another bite, etc. This usually goes on for about 15 minutes or so.

After breakfast we work on our "words for the week". Last week was animals so I pulled out all his animal toys and books. By the end of the week he knew a tiger says "grrr", a kitty cat says "meeeow", a cow says "moo", a sheep says "baa", and a duck says "quack". This week is all transportation - cars, trains, trucks, etc. Tonight Mark and I are going to try and make a race track on the tile with masking tape. I wanted to surprise Hayden with is very own race track for his "vroom vroom". His favorite movie right now is Cars.

When we finish, it's usually time for Corbin's nap, so I put him down. Then I finally make my bowl of cereal, tea and head outside for some fresh air with Hayden. While I eat and relax, Hayden plays on the porch and also eats at least half of my cereal, haha. Then he gets on the swing Mark put up for him and we swing for ten minutes or so - usually until I get bored. Then we head back inside. This week though, I'm going to squeeze in some gardening, our yard needs some work.

Hayden will generally play by himself while I do laundry, dishes, and any other cleaning tasks (ok let's not kid ourselves, I'm reading emails and blogs too - but I do a lot of that while nursing as well). Then I wake up Corbin to eat again. After Corbin finishes up it's usually time for Hayden to eat lunch. While he eats, I take time just for Corbin since Hayden is so demanding of my attention. Then it's more tummy time for Corbin while I clean Hayden up from lunch. Hayden gets to play for a few more minutes then it's nap time for both him and Corbin.

That's when I can do one of the following: 1.) Shower 2.) Eat Lunch 3.) Nap 4.) Clean 5.) Blog, read blogs, read email. Hmmmm, it's a difficult choice. Eating and blogging usually wins out.

This week I'm going to take that time to work on a project for Hayden (I'll post about it when I finish).

Then Corbin is ready to wake up and eat again. After this I play with him - finally giving him some solo Mommy time where I'm not distracted with Hayden, poor baby. Then he goes down for a nap around the time Hayden might be getting up. The afternoon usually goes one of two ways: 1.) Hayden actually does go down for a nap at 1pm and sleeps till 3pm. 2.) Hayden plays in his bed for an hour or so, then falls asleep and doesn't wake up until 4pm or 5pm depending on when he actually fell asleep. Silly boy! So at this point I'm either get a little more relaxation time or I go in and Hayden and I read books for 30 minutes or so. Generally the books are about whatever we're learning that week. Last week we read all about animals, Old MacDonald and the Peekaboo Penguins, etc.

After reading we do snack time! Corbin is getting up again and I feed him. More tummy time for Corbin, and Hayden and I do an activity - like the rice thing, play-doh, or beans I posted about earlier.

Then Corbin is back to napping and it's Hayden and I again. By this point, I'm usually fried and need some relaxation. I throw on the Cars DVD and head to the bathroom. I light a lavender candle and take a shower.

Once I get out it's usually time to start dinner and hope that Mark is on his way home...

And that's our day, what about you?


Anonymous said...

Wow. What a day! My mom is right!, I got to find me some good birth control once this baby is born,lol.

Michelle said...

I need a nap after reading your day! I have never actually written down my day! I think if I did, I would feel overwhelmed and be worried that I have to accomplish everything. Depending on the day, we usually start around 6am and go to bed around 10pm. Our house would not run if it wasn't for the buddy system, group chores, and Disney videos that let me nap if needed.

Just Me said...

Yes! Disney videos have helped me through many a hard day!! I don't know what I'd do without them.