Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sibling Rivalry

Today's post I'll tell with pictures...

This is Corbin - just chillin, minding his own business.

And this is Hayden - notice that he has his shoe off, and he's playing with it.

Hayden: "Hmm..I think I'll just inch a little closer to my Lil Bro'".

Corbin: "Hey, uh, watcha doin with that shoe Big Bro'?"

Hayden: "Mom won't mind if I just chuck this shoe at Lil Bro', I'd be doin her a favor, he makes too much noise anyway".

Corbin: "Whew! Good thing Big Bro' can't throw for shit or I'd be toast."

Mom: "Corbin!! Don't stay "shit" - that's a bad word! Say Poo!!!"


Amanda said...

Ha Ha!! Now that is true parenting! :)

Michelle said...

Ha Ha!! Sibling love. It really never changes. They just get better aim!

AndreAnna said...

So far, my toddler's been very gentle. I know this will end. I just hope I have a camera at the ready when it does.

Anonymous said...

Ohh boy, just think, it's only gonna get more fun from here!

And I love that you are doing so many pictures...tells the story a million times better. :)