Monday, April 14, 2008

It's Going By Too Fast

Ack! Where did all the time go? Only (maybe) 2 1/2 more months to go until Corbin gets here. Seems like the weeks are just flying by and we're getting closer to D-day or should I say B-Day, but no more prepared. Granted there's not as much prep as with Hayden - we've got the gear, the clothes, and a bit of knowledge under our belts. But I'm still needing diapers, a place for critter #2 to sleep, and an "attack plan" for how to handle two kiddos at once. I'd also like to pick up an extra pack-n-play, an Ergo baby carrier, and some batteries for our swing, haha. We need to clean out all of Hayden's toys from the car to make room for another car seat. We don't want to be caught w/o a car seat installed like last time.

Oh yeah, then there's that whole packing a bag and brushing up on birth how far apart DO the contractions have to be before calling...hmmmm. I forget. But this time, I KNOW the difference between puny contractions and REAL labor. No confusion there. Last time I had a 4 hour labor - well what they call a four hour labor, I really say lasted 12, but whatever. So it's common to have the same or shorter labor...woot. I'll be doing dishes and *Pop* out comes baby...or that's my interpretation anyway, HA! Maybe I should get a kitchen rug, j/k.

This weekend Mark and I picked up the "Baby Leash" for Hayden...I wasn't quite sure how I felt about it before, and I'm really not sure about how I feel about it now. Seeing him with his little doggy backpack (with it's tail leash) didn't exactly give me warm feelings. Needless to say, we didn't use it a lot. I could see it's use in say an airport, or crowded place, where you're hands aren't free to chase after a toddler. Or when Corbin comes and I'm dealing with two - we'll see then. But as for now, I'm not so sure I'll be using it too much. I still have energy to chase him, and once baby 2 pops out I'll have even more. Even sleep deprived, I'm much more energetic than while pregnant. Carrying extra weight is just hard.

So we went for a picnic at great park in Georgetown on Saturday. We started off with the leash, but it was off in about 5 minutes. Hayden had a great time running around, picking up rocks and sticks, and just exploring. Mark did the hard work making sure he didn't dive into any ant piles or fall down any ditches. I lounged on the picnic blanket, setting up our meal. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, not too hot, not too cold! Wow, you don't get that often in Texas. We, of course, forgot our camera for the one millionth time. So we had to settle for camera phone pics. Argh, I wish we had remembered it, the sky was so blue, and everything so green, it was beautiful and would have made beautiful pictures. Oh well. I guess that's one that only our memories get and no one else.

We had yet another ultrasound last Thursday, and no real change there. Still has the cysts in the kidney, still feel that it probably is not functioning. We got more details, not much more but some. I think we're going to be a busy family after Corbin is born. He needs to be seen by the pediatric urologists at Dell Children's Hospital a day or so after birth. From there they will do ultrasounds on the kidney and decide whether to just watch it, or a new option the dr. mentioned, they might choose to drain the cysts and see if the kidney starts functioning. Of course, this is up to the urologists, if they decide that makes sense. So there will be lots of tests and possible a surgery in Corbin's near future. Poor kiddo. Oh and don't forget circumcision! HA.

I have discovered, or really given in to, the fact that I cannot drink any type of soda right now. I get completely sick to my stomach and a horrible sugar crash later. It basically turns me into a slug for the rest of the day almost. Ugh. I love soda. And really not just soda, anything sweet does me in right now. So I've gone to all water. Not because I'm oh so healthy, cause believe me, that's not me. It's really become the only option at this point. And I've fought hard for my sodas for over a month now. But I have surrendered at last. Yay water....I still have refused to give up my other sugar fixes, although they have almost as much impact on me as well - but a girl has to have some vices!

New in Hayden's world...

1. The phrase "uh oh", used for all falling and dropped objects or at random.
2. Consistent use of his own language phrase "Mmm mm gah?" Which means of course, I would like to eat whatever it is that you're eating, OR, See what I'm pointing at, I would like to eat that. OR Did we just get a bag from Sonic? There must be french fries in there, please pass some back here"
3. Using a spoon, scooping with a spoon is another story.
4. Playing much better with other kids...finally! Yay. He's even doing a small amount of sharing (ok very small)
5. Successful use of almost all straws
6. More teeth
7. Pulling every piece of clothing out of the open dryer and on to the floor while my back was turned
8. Climbing up onto the couch with no assistance
9. Climb down small steps, the couch, or anything greater than 1 inch.
10. Mastering the slide at the playground

I'm sure there's much more, but that's all I have for now! Enjoy your week.


AndreAnna said...

Hey, thanks for coming to my blog! It is nice to hear that I'm not the only one feeling this way.

I am WAY bigger than I was last time, and more active by proxy with a toddler, so I know that's the reason. But like you said, there are good days and bad days, and I try to make the best of the good ones.

Love the name Corbin! ;)

Metalchick said...

Wow... no sodas... This baby thing just sounds like way too many sacrifices! Glad Hayden is getting so big. Have fun at the dentist!

LeftyMama said...

Hey, chica, don't forget to let friends and family help with acquiring all of the needed new stuff. I don't believe those people who say you can't have a shower with a 2nd baby; there are still plenty of consumables needed that you won't have on hand even after having your first bundle of joy. I'd love to help with party planning and/or provide the venue, so lemme know whatcha think.

Metalchick said...

Ooh that's a great idea! I'm all for it! Can we please please throw you a party?