Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Random Postings

This will be random post day, as I'm am still buzzing from the glucose test I don't think I could really put my thoughts together in any kind of cohesive way today.


Hayden LOVED the Easter bunny. He followed him all around the church egg hunt and pretty much hogged him from all the other children. He even spotted him from the other side of the field and went running to go hug him again. It was hilarious.

As for the actually egg hunt, Hayden was NOT interested. He could care less about all those other kids gathering little colored plastic eggs. He was much more interested in collecting sticks and chasing the easter bunny.


We finally came up with 'THE NAME' for Zavala boy #2....drum roll please....

Corbin Thomas Zavala


Hayden has suddenly discovered the wonder of bath time. He practically hops in completely clothed. And only gets out yelling and screaming while trying to climb back in. We have to let the water out before he gets out, just do end bath time. Sheesh.


Tomorrow will be 27 weeks! One more week and I'll hit that glorious 7 month mark. Time flies. Corbin will be here before we know it. I must start getting things ready.


Hayden's new word? Touchdown! Yes, he was sitting in his chair, giving us his best touchdown signal impression, when what flies out of his mouth - not once, but twice - TOUCHDOWN. Of course, Daddy was so proud. Unfortunately, touchdown is not a word that comes up much in daily conversation, so I'm not sure it's here to stay, I haven't heard it since.


Last night Mark and I watched the first episode of this season's Hell's Kitchen. A reality chef contest show for those who aren't familiar. Basically, they take people from all types of cooking backgrounds and give them a shot at being the new head chef at a fine restaurant. The first show always starts off by each contestant cooking their "signature" dish for Chef Ramsey. Needless to say, we were shocked when one of the dishes actually made Chef R. throw up. Ouch. I must say, the combination sounded nasty ... caviar, capers, and WHITE CHOCOLATE? Ick. I even think there was raw venison thrown in there.


I must admit I've been watching American Idol this year. I NEVER watch, but alas, I've been sucked in. I still think most of the contestants are sappy and cliche and I'm so sad one of my favorites was kicked off two weeks ago, but man, a couple of them are really good! This week they had my fav. Dolly Parton on to work with them. So of course I had to watch as they belted out their best (or worst) versions of her songs. Once chick had the nerve to pick "I'll always love you". I mean it's bad enough you're covering Dolly's song, but then you go and pick one that was blown away by Whitney Houston??? Like you're going to compare, sheesh. Not smart. Ok that's my "Simon" rant for the day.


Somehow I managed to burn food in my slow that even possible? Apparently it is, cause I did it. Argh. I'm hopeless.


Mark, Hayden, Corbin (in utero), and I took a family trip down to Cabella's (and outdoor/camping super store outside of austin). And I must say, it was awesome. They have the coolest displays and waterfall, big planes hanging from the ceiling, even a shooting gallery. Hayden was mesmerized and we had a blast too. Plus they had a great little restaurant where we ate dinner. I gorged on the Bison Brat, Mark got the Buffalo burger, and Hayden of course ate fries in obscene amounts - which I didn't mind considering he's been sick for a week and barely eating anything at all. I totally want to go back, it was a great outing for a family with a toddler. Plus, we love all things camping. Hopefully, we'll be going on a camping outing in the next few weeks. Yes, 7 months preggo and camping - woot. Thank God for the invention of the air mattress. Hopefully, the hot weather will hold off a few more weeks.


Despite Amy Winehouse's complete junkie look/lifestyle I must say I'm a fan of her CD. Even if she does look like she just rolled out from under a dumpster. Oh well, hopefully the girl gets her life together, cause she's got a great voice. Although, a good portion of what I love is probably all the ripped tracks from mo-town, haha. Just about every song is lifted from that era, but whatever, I like it!


Okay, I think that's it...totally random, possibly boring, but hey, it's my blog! I can write what I please.

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Anonymous said...

I love the name you guys chose! Yay!

And I can't believe Corbin will be here so soon! I'm so excited!