Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tribute to my best "girlfriend" Uncle M.

Have you any idea how much not having you in Austin makes the city much more dreary? Or how many times we recite the line "I knew a Cliff once"? Or that every time we walk into an italian place Mark says, "Smells like Papa Vino threw up in here?"

I still think of your houses every time I think about starting a home improvement project. And I miss your accordion playing midnight hour.

We haven't sung Karaoke since you left...and probably won't until you return.

And I'm sad to think that Hayden hasn't had the joy of hanging with Uncle M.

But I'm happy to see you thriving in the big city and loving life - so I wouldn't wish it any other way.

I hope this month's past birthday has been all you hoped it would be - and remember you have a big group of friends back home in Austin who love you...girlfriend. ;)

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Uncle Mikey said...

YOU ROCK, Mel! hehe, man oh man, you brought back some good memories, I really forgot about those habits of mine! You made my day with this posting..haha. I miss you all too... You and Mark and the kids will always be family to me.

It's funny, I was walking by a bus the other day and I said to myself "who's bus?" and my friends look at me funny... and I just smiled. If you dont know what that means, ask Mark... he said a million times during class. thanks again, Mel!!