Friday, April 18, 2008

The Weekend Arrives Again

And here it is again...the weekend. The weeks seem to be really flying by, partially because my lazy ass is sooooo tired all the time now. Doing dishes requires an hour nap of recuperation. Any activity which requires additional walking/movement has me out for hours. So yeah, the day does go by quickly when you are taking your toddler's 2 hour nap. Which, by the way, I will be doing as soon as I finish posting!

Thanks for the suggestions on foods! I'm going to try them out - I'll let you know the results. Today we tried grapes...good for smooshing, not so acceptable for eating apparently. They mostly found their way to the floor. At least he's a good drinker! He loves his water. I have to be grateful for that. He mainly only drinks water - no juice or other sweet stuff.

Tomorrow, in support of a wonderful friend, the whole family is getting out for the Lupus Walk - registration is at 9am for those locals that want to show their support! Hopefully we'll get there on time - our family is notorious for being slow moving in the morning. Haha. But it should be a good time and we're glad we're able to be there.

Other than that, I don't think we have any major plans. I'm sure the weekend will fly by as usual and then it will be Monday again.

Part of me desperately would love to go on a vacation. The last "real" vacation we went on I think was Hawaii and that was 4 years ago! We did go to Vegas once after that, but honestly, I don't count going to Vegas with a bunch of family a real vacation. We spent most of that trip following someone else or waiting for someone or sick!! I got really sick the last day. Ugh. So yeah, I could go for a vacation. Unfortunately, I don't think that is at all possible considering we're about to have another baby. Maybe next year. :( Then I'll REALLY need a vacation, haha.

For those of you wondering about baby showers - apparently my awesome friends do throw 2nd baby showers!! I believe you all should be getting invites in the near future for my shower on May 16th! So save the date!! I'm so excited - this shower sounds amazing. :) And just to have another shower is awesome. I totally didn't expect another one with the 2nd baby. But just thinking that I have a shower coming up freaks me out because that means I also am having a baby soon! ACK! Ok I can handle it! 2 kiddos, no problemo. I'll figure it out - I'm good at figuring stuff out.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend - and if possible enjoy the weather outside!!

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Anonymous said...

Teehee on the shower on the 16th. ;)

Yay babies!!!