Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Queen of the Jerks

Yes, I have officially titled myself Queen of the Jerks! I'd kick my own butt if I could. This week has been a week of me realizing what complete jerk I can be. Argh.

How I can be so oblivious to things, or how can I think or say things that are so dumb...

I have the best friends IN THE WORLD, and to think that I could ever hurt their feelings, even a little, makes me cry! That's the last thing I would ever want to do.

And less you think you're the friend, no worries...there have been multiple instances of my obliviousness this week. So you're not alone!

I don't like being this person. I've let myself get too caught up in other folks drama, when I need to be just taking care of me and my own problems. Believe me, I've got plenty to work on.

Anyway, so let this be an ode to my girlfriends...I know I'm opening myself up to forgetting someone - and that doesn't mean I forgot you, it means my pregnancy-induced brain fog has limited my mental abilities. Just comment and say, hey what about me you jerk! And I'll add ya.

Oh and there is no "first" on the list, so don't feel special if you're at the top, or slighted if last.

  • Shannon - You have been such a great friend to have had over the past year. You have a beautiful energy and love that just flows out of you and I love just hanging out with you! Watching our babies grow and talking about our triumphs (and failures) has been a huge asset in my life
  • Jenny - Your humor and laughter is infectious. I can't help but feel happy when you're around. You have a wonderful attitude through all seasons of life and I have learned to just be happy from your influence. Thank you for always being there no matter what.
  • Megan - You are a rock in my life. I look to you when I need advice. I look to you when I need a role model. I have never heard you say one bad thing about anyone, and I am in awe of you for that. You are always there with love and support, I can't thank you enough for that.
  • Lindi - You walk with me through my struggles and my victories. You are there to listen to my many complaints without judging me. You there to help when things are rough, and there to celebrate when times are good.
  • Christy - I look up to you as a mother and a friend. I love how you treat others and your attitude on motherhood. When I feel overwhelmed or down, I just think about you and your wonderful girls and suddenly I have the energy to continue. You've always made me feel welcome and I feel like a better person just to know you.
  • Merae - Could you be any sweeter? When I first met you, I thought to myself, I want to know that girl! You are so generous and kind to everyone around you. I am in awe of your spirit. You are so wonderful, yet not to proud to admit your weaknesses. You're always careful not to hurt others, and I wish I could learn that skill from you.
  • Shelley - You are my constant encourager. You're bright spirit and endless energy overflows! I love your attitude and love.
  • Gail - You inspire me to be strong every day. Your strength is an encouragement to anyone who knows you. I get through some days just thinking of your strength.
  • Tara - You are my example of faith. I love your personality, I love your love of life, I'm just happier when I'm around you. You make me appreciate life everyday.
  • Ebit - You're bubbly personality makes me glow! I love your sweetness and caring. You've always made me feel cared for, even before we knew each other that well.
  • Cynthia - I have gained such a respect for your strength and determination over the last year. I love our talks and am so glad you're apart of our family.
  • Linda - I look at you for what it means to be a wife and parent. I love your outlook on parenthood and marriage and I couldn't have found a better CG - I do feel like family.
And to all those left unmentioned - my brain sucks. YOU ARE LOVED. And I wouldn't be who I am today or where I am today without you. I have met the most wonderful women in the past year at CrossRoads, and I can't wait to make them even closer friends. I wish there was more time in the day to get to know each and every one of you - cause I see the most amazing women in you. I love your sweetness and caring. I know that we'll eventually become closer, because I'd be foolish not to become greater friends with all of you!


Anonymous said...

Melissa, you are a better woman than you give yourself credit for!

Uncle Mikey said...

Mel --- although you listed your girls, i am shocked still not to have made it into your list of friends, especially since you were jerk most of all to me. Remember when you screamed at me for barfing in your piano? My eardrums are still ringing... but I still love you (but not as much as your Wal-Mart cake).
- Uncle Mikey

Anonymous said...

Hey, I love you Jerk! Sushi!!!!!!!!

P.S. -- I do not think you are a jerk. Ever.

Anonymous said...

You're the amazing one, doll. :)

LeftyMama said...

Wow! I've been off-line for a while and was just catching up on your latest musings while Samson naps. Imagine my surprise to find a personal shout out just for me!

Thanks for such kind words, Melissa.

All of that and more right back atcha. I don't know what I might have done without our regular walks in the park and our periodic 2 hour unloading sessions about what a shock new mommyhood has been to our systems. Your open mind and selfless acceptance remind me to give everyone (myself included) a break sometimes. I'm sure glad we happened to wind up in the same Bradley class!