Monday, April 28, 2008

My New Favorite Room

Ah, yes...I remember this part. I have now reached the point where I visit the bathroom every 15 minutes! And don't let me sneeze! And to top it all off...there's like hardly any pee!!! HA! Oh well! That just means Corbin is getting ready to arrive in the next 2 months! So that's a good thing. I'm sure my bladder would disagree.

Had another prenatal appt today - I'm getting good at this. In and out in like 15 minutes! Woot. And that's the way I like it - short means everything is fine! And the blood pressure was still good. For those that weren't around last time, that was an issue for me the last pregnancy. So I'm crossing my fingers that it won't happen again. So far so good.

In another post I mentioned Hayden's weird new skill of spitting water out on his shirt. I was wondering where this strange behavior came from when the following scene transpired:

I'm changing his diaper while he drinks some water out of his sippy cup. He starts spitting the water out and then I hear..."Grrrrr...gurgle gurlge...grrrrr". Ah ha! This strange behavior that has been driving me nuts has been identified. Hayden has been imitating Daddy's mouthwash gargling!!!! Thanks Dad!

Hayden's new word...well not word. He now growls. I believe this one too comes from Daddy.

And today at the park he said "Bird!"

Such a big boy now.


lindi said...

hahaha well I guess it's appropriate to say, 'like father like son'. take heart, he could be imitating the ferret!

Shelley said...

My nephew growls when he's happy...i think it's a male thing. :)