Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Thursday

I don't know what it is about Thursdays, but I think I like them the best! Something to do with the anticipation of Friday and the weekend, and of course making it through another week.

Hayden is just getting sweeter by the second. His new thing - kisses! He first, of course, holds his grimy blanket up to his mouth to kiss it, then passes it to me for a kiss, and then he leans in and gives Mom a kiss! Awww. My heart melts at his sweetness.

I'm desperate for ideas on new foods for him, he is such a picky eater. We must move on from microwaveable chicken nuggets. Any suggestions? I'm up for them. Hayden loves most fruits, except the really sour ones, so I have no problems there. And he'll eat any pureed vegetable - which I'm sure Gerber is happy about since that's where my baby food budget goes. But I'd really like to see him eat more foods.

And here's my rant for today: Last night a friend of mine who's been experiencing car troubles among other stuff, told us that she got a letter in the mail from the good ole state of TX saying that some "good citizen" had reported her car for smoking! She thinks its probably from the day she had to add some transmission fluid and a bit of it got spilled on the engine and therefore burned off (smoked off). But honestly people!! Maybe this "good citizen" has just had a charmed life where they always had wonderful pristine cars and plenty of money to keep them running perfectly. But I, for one, have been there. I have been the person that walked everywhere because she had NO car. I have been the person who has jumped for joy after getting the $800 car because that means that she no longer has to walk to work or school in the snow, rain, or hot days. I have been the person who has slid down in her sit of sheer embarrassment while her car smoked and choked at the red light. I have been the person who prayed everyday that the car would start, would run, would NOT break down today. And I was the person who cried the day the car finally did die.

We're all so caught up in our self righteous talk that we forget to look past our agendas and see the real people. Yes, smoking cars are not good for the environment. But DO YOU REALLY THINK that she WANTS to drive a car that smokes????!!!! Do you think she wouldn't love to hop in the seat of that hybrid or probably some damn Expedition that you, the "good citizen" are driving around? Do you think that because you have a well kept car and she doesn't - that that has something to do with your love of the environment? NO, it has something to do with money. And I don't know about her, but I only drove my car when absolutely necessary for fear it might break down or I'd use it up! (I figured it only had so many miles of working use and I was going to use them sparingly) Therefore, I'd bet her pollution from the small amount of necessary driving she does, doesn't even come close to the mega pollution the "good citizen" pours out everyday.

Here's my point: Next time you see a driver on the road struggling with their car, don't smugly tell yourself how wonderful YOU are for not polluting like them and race to turn them in. Take a quick second and PRAY that you are never in that position and THANK GOD that you have the resources to have a nice vehicle. Pray for the driver and have some compassion. Understand the pain that they must go through everyday just to survive.

Ok, that's all from me today.


AndreAnna said...

My kid is a very picky eater too, but one thing she'll eat is muffins. So I've concoted muffin recipes with flax, omegas, carrot, apple, raisins, etc. And that way if she eats that, I don't feel so bad. Let me know if you need any recipes.

She also loves yogurt and cheese, but surpisingly loves the really sharp kind. Sometimes our kids have different tastes and we don't expect them to.

MissUTSA said...

Aeriel used to love baked chicken with broccoli...