Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Facebook Compare

Facebook Compare is an interesting little widget. You can find out what your friends REALLY think of you (in comparison to someone else of course)!

Now you "friends" may have put me first in "More Confident", "Rather Get Stuck in Handcuffs With", "Braver", and "Hotter", but let's talk about these others...

Apparently, some of you don't consider me well-mannered...what gives? Is it my insane burping? I thought only Mark knew about that. It's the diet coke guys I swear!!! That darn carbonation. I don't remember excessively farting or chewing with my mouth open - but I guess I could have slipped....

And a few of you are under the mistaken impression that I would never skip class. Uh huh. This about the girl who almost failed freshman year because she NEVER went to class. I'm the one counting how many days of class I missed so I can see if I can squeeze in one more. Hell even when I was working I never had more than 1 day of vacation saved up. Boy do I have you guys fooled!

You've also pointed out I'm not as "naturally talented" as the rest of you all. I'm not sure what these "natural talents" are, but I assure you I do have my "special" abilities. I'll just be content to stay incognito with my amazingness - kind of like Clark Kent.

And what's with this crap about my hair??!! Are you saying "moi" doesn't have as nice of hair as you people. Some of you don't even have any hair!!! So bite the big one baldie, me and my bad hair are not affected by your criticism. It is true though that I haven't had a hair cut in, oh, let's just say awhile.

So if you haven't had fun looking at what your friends are saying about you on facebook - beware!! It's the votes you DON'T get that really tell you about yourself. :P


MZ said...

This thing is funny. Here are mine:

person with the prettiest eyes
most kiss-able

best travel companion
best to hang out with for a day

They got my strengths RIGHT ON but I'm not so sure about these so-called "weaknesses". Who wouldn't want to hang out with me for a day?!?! Honestly, why not? I'm fun sometimes. I could think of millions of fun things we could do... and yeah, they might all involve alcohol and breaking at least one law, but so what?!?! It's FUN DAMNIT!

Anonymous said...

Apparently no one is jealous of me :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know what this comparison thing you speak of is?! I'm gonna have to go snoop now!

MZ said...

Ok so I got an "update" email this morning and now my weaknesses have changed:

most powerful

Umm... most powerful? What the heck is that supposed to mean? Like Superman powerful? Or Mafia powerful? We need a ruling here. Hayden seems to think I'm Superman powerful and I'd like to keep it that way! =D

Oh and I'm not kind. GRRRR!!!! (That's my unkind growl).