Saturday, August 2, 2008

What a Morning

You wake up expecting a normal, no excitement Saturday and then....

I got a call from the pharmacy this morning and they started asking all these questions about Corbin's prescription.

Pharmacist: Did the doctor change the prescription in July?

Me: Well, she wanted to continue it, and she did say she was going to check the dosage against his new updated weight, but when she came back in the room she said it was still 1.5 mL - so I don't think so, but maybe?

Pharmacist: Well previously he had been prescribed Amoxicillin, but the next prescription filled was for Azithromycin. It looks like it should have been Amoxicillin. The pharmacy called the Dr. office when we filled the prescription because the dosage looked off and adjusted it, but I think that it should have been Amoxicillin since that was the original prescription.

Me: What?

Pharmacist: Well I paged the Doctor (it's Saturday, so of course they aren't open) and I'll talk to her about what it should have been.

Me: Uh, ok...

At this point it hasn't all sunk in yet. Then it hits me. What the? They gave the wrong medicine to my one month old baby????!!!!! Would this other antibiotic be hard on his kidney? I think back to the Dr. visit. I had been giving a 1 month prescription for amoxicillin as a preventative against infection etc. However, the urologist said that he wanted Corbin to stay on it until his tests at 6 weeks old. So I told our pediatrician we needed the prescription refilled to last longer. She wrote me a new prescription - which I didn't really look at cause I figured it was the same thing. Then I filled the prescription. They asked me if a generic was ok, I said yes, so I didn't even look at the name - figuring I wouldn't recognize it anyway. Of course, now that I'm thinking about it I recognize Azithromycin (AKA the medicine used in the Z-pack we adults get).

So I freak out and page the Dr. too. Of course, the Dr. I need to talk to isn't on call - and no Dr. from our office in on call, it's some guy I've never heard of.

So to wrap it all up, they are refilling his Amoxicillin and the strange unknown Dr. said the Azithromycin shouldn't have caused any problems for my baby and to go back to the Amoxicillin. The pharmacy is going to talk to our real Dr. on Monday to confirm all of this.

Then to top it all off, I think we found out Hayden has a peanut allergy. We gave him a Reese's Pieces and he got a bunch of hives (from just one!) so it's peanuts or yellow dye #5 - hehe. We're still narrowing it down. He also had a reaction to some Lemon Poppy Seed bread, which is made with Lemon pudding (that has yellow 5). I had thought it was the poppy seeds, but it might not be. So we're going to give him just Lemon pudding and see how he does with that. I really hope he is not allergic to peanuts - that would really suck.

And in cool news, we've started to potty train Hayden. He's still young, but he has learned how to make his potty chair play music!! As soon as I sit him down on it he pees so his chair will sing to him. So he can somewhat control his bladder. Kinda cool! I'm not expecting much yet, but I thought I would just start introducing the concepts. We even bought some pull-ups.

And now, I have to bathe the next kiddo before naptime....

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