Monday, August 18, 2008

Yay! My Pants Have Zippers

After many long months of elastic, I have FINALLY gotten back into my jeans. Jeans that have a zipper and a button and don't sag down after you wear them over an hour.

So far I'm down 12 lbs since starting dieting. Wahoo! I'm liking this. I must say I haven't missed sugar or bread that much. There are lots of alternatives to sugar - bread...well not so much. But I have SO much more energy - it's awesome.

I'm totally wanting to start experimenting with food to come up with some great recipes. Food and I have been having an intense love affair forever, but it's time for me to take the upper hand.

Hubby gave me a "wake up call" and encouraged me to make my "diet" food good! He made the most delicious eggs ever! And it kind of hit me that the possibilities for healthy eating are endless - I just need to get creative and not be lazy and reach for the first "easy" food I see. Which is hard with two crazy kiddos, but I'm feeling good and energetic these days, so I can do it.

Hubby's eggs combined shredded lean lunch meat like Turkey Breast, red bell pepper, cheese, and of course eggs. It was delicious! I've since tried it with ham as well - of course it was yummy. Previously, I was just quickly frying or scrambling up some plain eggs - which was getting pretty boring. I thought I didn't have time to make anything more, but it really only takes 2 or 3 more minutes.

Tonight I'm making strawberry cheesecake. It should be yummy, I'm putting it in the oven now. My first "real" dessert - that's in line with my diet of course.

Tonight we're having friends over for dinner - I'm super excited! I think this will be the first time we've invited friends over for "dinner" since Corbin was born. I hope they aren't scared away by our crazy kids. Dinner time can be wild, haha! But I like wild.

Then we're going to watch 300 - I've seen it, Mark hasn't yet. So that should be fun. Oh and for those wondering about Like Water For Chocolate...uh yeah. HA! It wasn't exactly what I had envisioned. I had heard about it because of Chocolat, since they have barely similar story lines. Bottom line - I should have rented Chocolat again, haha! Mark and I were cracking up - it was super cheesy and almost a comedy. We were making fart jokes the rest of the night (apparently her cooking could induce killer flatulence - seriously). Not exactly the romantic mood setter I'd hoped for. This week - The Painted Veil. I have seen this one, so I know what I'm getting into. If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend it - I loved it.

Oh and here's a short clip of what happens when you try to feed your toddler dinner at 9:30.


AndreAnna said...

How fricken cute is that?

And I'm not losing the weight as quickly this time around, but I'm also weight training so hopefully it's because I'm building muscle!

It All Started With a Kiss said...

Yay for you!
Those eggs sound great. Our farm is busting at the seams with fresh brown eggs, so we're eating a lot of them these days.